Son of Alex Murdaugh Housekeeper Who Died From ‘Trip And Fall’ Wants Body Exhumed For Investigation

Son of Alex Murdaugh Housekeeper Who Died From ‘Trip And Fall’ Wants Body Exhumed For Investigation Law & Crime | Brice W. Herndon and Sons Funeral Home

Now that the true extent of Alex Murdaugh‘s crimes has come to light, those who have had dealings with him in the past are starting to question some of their experiences. For instance, the former Murdaugh housekeeper Gloria Satterfield’s death in 2018 was deemed to be accidental. However, her son Michael “Tony” Satterfield has his doubts.

Gloria had worked for the Murdaugh family for more than 20 years when she died at their home in February 2018. The tragic death happened after she reportedly tripped and fell going up the home’s front stairs. However, Michael thinks there may be something more nefarious at play, especially after discovering that Alex Murdaugh cashed in a $4.5 million insurance policy over the death that the family knew nothing about.

Michael is now calling for Gloria’s body to be exhumed “to see if there’s any foul play or anything,” he told Chris Cuomo on Tuesday’s episode of “Cuomo.” However, he stopped short of accusing Alex Murdaugh of murder. Instead, he said he does believe it was an accident but that he wants to be 100% sure.

Could Alex Murdaugh have murdered Gloria Satterfield?

Cuomo also asked Tony what he thought about comments made by one of Alex’s brothers, Randy Murdaugh. Talking to The New York Times, Randy admitted he was unsure whether or not his brother had killed his wife and son. However, he does think Alex “knows more than what he’s saying. He’s not telling the truth, in my opinion, about everything there.”

Responding to Randy’s comments, Tony said, “I guess it means a lot.”

Eric Bland, Randy Murdaugh’s attorney, suggested there may be something fishy surrounding the death of Gloria Satterfield.

“Everything around Alex is danger, lies, deception. We know that he capitalized on Gloria’s death financially and used it as an opportunity to enrich himself at the expense of the boys who were exploited in this process,” he said, adding that he supports the idea of exhuming Gloria’s body.

“The police have some doubts about Alex’s story. He told an insurance adjuster exactly what he thought happened, which is that the dogs pushed Gloria down the stairs. It’s gonna be difficult when they exhume her body, Chris, to really determine were those done by human hands or by the fall,” Bland said.

It remains to be seen whether or not authorities will take this seriously and open an investigation.

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