If He’s A Good Boyfriend, He’ll Never Cross These Boundaries


It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together a few months or a few years, there are boundaries no boyfriend should ever cross. For a relationship to be sustainable, people have to know how to act—without being told. Here are things a good boyfriend should do without prompting.

He doesn’t keep his exes on Snapchat.

Snapchat is a welcoming platform for shady behavior. Not only can people send pictures back and forth but they can do it without leaving evidence. Shady! A good boyfriend will take it upon himself to remove his exes on Snapchat the second you two become official—he won’t wait until he receives an inappropriate picture. That’s facts.

He doesn’t call you names.

This comes down to preference. If you can playfully call each other derogatory names, good on you! But make sure you’re both aware of where the line is. The last thing you want is a fight because he jokingly told you to “Eff off.”

He’s open about everything.

Unless he’s planning a surprise party, he should keep you in the loop about everything, even topics that aren’t exactly easy to discuss. If you’ve only been dating for a couple of months, you might not know his deep, dark secrets, but a good boyfriend will try to be open and won’t lie to your face.

He doesn’t dance with other girls.

He can dance with his female family members, but if they’re not kinfolk, he shouldn’t touch them. Why would he want to? He’s dating you! It would be inappropriate for him to grind with randoms or country dance with strangers.

He lets you call the sex shots.

Some boyfriends think sex is a given. This is false. You’re in control of your body just as he’s in control of his. If you’re not in the mood, you’re not in the mood. A good boyfriend respects that. He doesn’t pout and cry because you’d rather sleep than get handsy.

He gives you time to yourself.

Relationships fail when people feel overwhelmed by one another. To combat that feeling, you need time by yourself. A good boyfriend will give you this time without making you feel guilty for needing space. In fact, he’ll relish his own “me time” too.

He doesn’t interfere with your finances.

Chances are, you’re young and still figuring yourself out, which probably means money is a little tight. You know you need to become more financially stable but that doesn’t mean you want your boyfriend to mention it. Unless you’re engaged or married, he shouldn’t be speaking on your money situation.

He doesn’t act crazy on social media.

My friend’s boyfriend always likes other girls’ sexy pictures on Instagram. Am I the only one who thinks that’s messed up? He’s pretty much telling the world he finds other women attractive, which I’m sure is true, but does he have to be so loud about it? No, he doesn’t. And neither should your boyfriend.

He knows how to handle his liquor.

A good boyfriend knows to avoid situations that could lead to trouble, like getting blackout drunk. He’s a grown man and he should know how to handle his liquor. There’s nothing worse than a boyfriend who can’t remember his actions because he blacked out.

He doesn’t talk behind your back.

He might ask his friends for advice when there’s a problem, but for the most part, detailed information about your relationship is kept between the two of you. He knows how much is too much to share and that’s pretty important.

He doesn’t let other people talk behind your back.

He’s your protector, which means he doesn’t let other people speak negatively about you. The second someone does, he speaks up to make sure it never happens again. Don’t lie—you know that’s sexy!

He communicates well.

Did he die? Get deployed overseas? Move to a jungle? No? Then he should be communicating with you every single day. Regardless if he’s busy or “not a huge texter.” A good boyfriend will never forget to check in with his better half.

He doesn’t compliment the opposite sex.

It depends on the compliment and it depends on the girl. There’s nothing wrong with complimenting his childhood friend on her cool sneakers, but should he compliment the hot bartender for her flawless makeup skills? Hell no.

He treats you with respect.

A good boyfriend treats you with respect without being told to. Everything he says is spoken with love, even when he’s upset. He shouldn’t scream at you like a man-child or judge you for sharing your opinions.

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