Great Reasons To Celebrate Being Single This Summer

If your relationship just came screeching to a crashing halt or you weren’t in one to begin with, have no fear. Summer is pretty much the hottest time to be single (pun intended), so let down your hair and enjoy. After all, you certainly don’t need a man to have a great time, no matter what anyone else thinks.

You’re flexible when day drinking excursions just won’t quit. Laying by the pool having cocktails is fun until you show up drunk to your man’s house for a dinner date and get into a fight over nothing. Problem solved!

Plenty of tourists are single, too. Whether you’re the tourist exploring a far off land or you happen to meet some in your home city, vacay flings can be awesome.

Your body will be on point. All that single free time you have can be spent in extra hours at the gym. Bathing suit season won’t even know what hit it.

No jealous fights at pool parties. Sometimes just your being hot in a bikini is enough to send a slightly jealous guy over the edge… even if you haven’t returned anyone else’s lingering glances.

You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Not that boyfriends hold you back, but when there’s an extra person involved in the decision-making, it can get a little more complicated.

You won’t feel guilty accepting random invites. When some hot guys invite you and the girls onto their boat, you don’t want to feel guilty about it. Imagine all the awesome Instagram photos you can get on there.

There are so many dates to be had. The summertime is ripe with easy and cheap to free date ideas, so you might find yourself getting asked out more often.

You don’t have to clean up if you don’t feel like it. There are so many fun things to do that sometimes picking your bathing suit up off the wet floor isn’t a high priority, and no one is going to harass you about it.

You’ll experience way less stress. As awesome as they can be, relationships can also be stressful. In fact, researchers have found that when women get married it lessens their life span by 1.4 years. Hmm…

You can fake tan with wild abandon. If you avoid the real sun and opt for the safer fake tan option, you’re familiar with complications such as drying time and accidentally turning your sheets orange.

You can check any dude out. There are just fewer clothes around in the summer and more beautifully tanned skin. Sometimes a girl wants to do a lot of looking…even if she doesn’t plan on touching.

You don’t have to make time for anyone’s family but your own. And your own family can be plenty. No mandatory summer trips to the lake house with your boyfriend’s rents.

You’ll have plenty of uninterrupted TV time. It’s summer so binge watching trashy TV all day on Sunday feels pretty acceptable. No fighting for the remote or trying to find a couch where sports aren’t the only thing allowed.

You can eat ice cream in your underwear if you’re roasting. Okay, maybe a dude would actually find that attractive, but it’s not your top idea of sexy.

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