Pick Your Battles: 10 Fights That Aren’t Worth The Trouble

Pick Your Battles: 10 Fights That Aren’t Worth The Trouble ©iStock/fotostorm

With any relationship comes the occasional disagreement. But constant petty fights have a tendency to eat away at the foundation of a relationship until there is nothing left to support you. The happiest couples know how to pick their battles and not sweat the small stuff – and you want to be in a happy relationship, don’t you? Some things just aren’t worth the fight.

  1. He has to work late occasionally. Just be proud of him for working hard, and being so important to his company that they need him to work late. Working late doesn’t automatically mean he’s banging his coworker. Unless you have evidence of that. Then go ahead, pick that fight.
  2. He did something questionable… before you even met. You don’t get to judge the decisions he made before he knew you. We were all young and dumb once. Focus on who he is now.
  3. His ex texted him, and he’s honest about it. If he isn’t hiding anything from you, then what is the problem? He can’t control what anyone else does. Give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.
  4. He suggests something in the bedroom that freaks you out. It’s hard enough to tell someone about odd fantasies; he doesn’t need you losing your cool because he suggests something that’s a little out of your comfort zone. He’s not forcing you to do anything, so just give it some thought before you shoot it down.
  5. He can’t come to a last minute family dinner. He doesn’t have to be attached at your hip 24/7. It’s your family, you can see them without him. Don’t be that girl.
  6. He forgot to unload the dishwasher… again. Depending on the circumstances, this could warrant a discussion. But flying off the handle isn’t going to help anything, so keep your cool and he’ll be more likely to listen.
  7. He can’t change things about his personality that you don’t like. There’s no point getting worked up over the fact that he would rather be spontaneous than make plans way in advance. He is who he is, and you should love him without feeling the need to change him.
  8. He “liked” a photo of another girl on Facebook: What are you going to do, tell him who he can and cannot converse with on social media? That’s a slippery slope, my friend.
  9. A girl hit on him at a bar. Again, he can’t control who flirts with him. Don’t get mad at him for being dead sexy, be proud to be the one he chose to be with.
  10. He cheated on you for the third time. Why are you still with him!? Another fight won’t change anything. Leave now!
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