Groom Exposes Bride’s Affair With Her Brother-In-Law At Their Wedding

A video of a groom exposing his bride’s affair with her brother-in-law at their wedding has gone viral on TikTok. In the clip, the groom plays an X-rated video of the woman in bed with another man for all their guests to see. Now that’s brutal!

The guests are all horrified. The video, played on a projector at the couple’s reception, is intimate to say the least, and the guests watching it couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing.


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  1. The woman clearly thought she’d never be caught. In the clip, the bride throws her bouquet at the husband in embarrassment as the husband shouts: “Did you think I didn’t know about this?!”
  2. The clip first went viral back in 2019. However, as with all things on the internet, it’s doing the rounds again and has now racked up over six million comments on TikTok, where it’s simply captioned “Cheating bride.”
  3. People’s reactions are pretty split. While a lot of people think the bride “got what she deserved” and that doing it “in front of all their family and friends” was the “best revenge,” there were those who weren’t impressed. After all, the guy actually went through with marrying her. “Isn’t this at the party so doesn’t that mean they already said I do?” one person questioned. Another remarked: “So why did he waste all that money on the wedding?”
  4. So what’s the real scoop? Not a lot is known about the couple, but Asia One reported at the time that they’d been together for two years and had been engaged for six months. The paper also claimed the bride “suffered domestic violence” because of the groom and that she’d been seeking comfort with her sister’s husband.
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