Groom Slammed As ‘Slob’ For Wearing T-Shirt And Faded Jeans To His Wedding

While your wedding day is all about celebrating the love between two people as they embark on a life together, it’s also about putting on the ritz a bit and looking your best. One groom, it seems, didn’t get the message and he’s now being dubbed a “slob” online after turning up to his ceremony in jeans and an old t-shirt.

  1. The groom came to the public’s attention after appearing in a TikTok video. In a clip now viewed more than two million times, 16-year-old Violet Price revealed that her best friend Catherine Nicholson, also 16, fell in love and decided to marry her boyfriend despite not even being out of high school. While she was glammed to the high heavens for the big day and looked beautiful, her new husband… not so much.
  2. At least he was in designer gear? Catherine’s new husband decided to eschew a traditional suit/tux in favor of a pair of skinny jeans and a Palm Angels t-shirt. It’s certainly not your standard wedding attire, but I guess since Palm Angels t-shirts are kind of expensive, maybe he thought he was being upscale?
  3. People online were REALLY not impressed. While Catherine might not mind, commenters on the video couldn’t believe this was a thing. “Did he not know he was getting married?” one person asked. Another added: “That is sad look how beautiful she looks he couldn’t even be bothered changing from the night before.”
  4. Violet defended her best friend’s happiness. Being married at 16 to a dude who thinks it’s appropriate to wear jeans to his own wedding is not everyone’s idea of paradise, but as Violet claims, it is for her best friend. “For god sake stop she’s married & very happy. She’s not bothered wat way he dressed she’s married & that’s all that matters,” she wrote in the comments. Hey, whatever floats your boat!
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