Guy Insists On “Wet Testing” Hot Tub In The Store Before Buying

Listen, the cost of living is through the roof and that means we have to be choosier about purchases we make, especially the big ones. Hot tubs are expensive AF and aren’t something you buy without serious consideration. So, perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that one guy decided he needed to “wet test” a hot tub in the store before committing to shelling out his hard-earned cash and taking it home.

TikToker Holland Smith Paterno shared a video on TikTok showing her husband deciding to strip down to his swim trunks and climb on in a filled hot tub before deciding whether or not he wanted to buy it. “POV: you are buying a hot tub and your husband insists on doing the ‘wet test’ to make sure you’re buying the right one,” Paterno captioned the clip.


Starting off the weekend strong 😂🫣 we are proud new hottub owners

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Her husband even brought a beach towel with him so he’d have something to dry off with after going for a little swim. He can be seen climbing into a filled hot tub in the clip while other customers peruse the aisles and have a look at all the empty units. He sits in the corner as the jacuzzi jets blast around him. He’s clearly experiencing a lovely, relaxing time, and none of the employees of the store seem to be bothered. In fact, while he sits chillin’, one worker tells him all the technical specs the hot tub has to offer.

The clip has been viewed more than a million times, with viewers commenting that they can’t believe that this is a thing you’re allowed to do. I mean, who knew? Others remarked that even though they’d be tempted to try out the product, they’d be too shy and embarrassed to ask employees if they could climb on in.

And in case you were curious, they did indeed buy the hot tub in question! Looks like the “wet test” paid off, literally!

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