This Guy Put A Lock Box On His Snacks To Keep His Fiancee From Eating Them

Look, I know first-hand the importance of snacks. I have a dedicated snack cupboard in my kitchen and I keep it well stocked with everything from chips and crackers to cookie and candy in case of a snackmergency. However, as someone in a serious long-term relationship, I also know that snacking is a couples activity so I make sure I get my partner some of her favorite goodies as well. It’s just what you do, right?

Unfortunately, some guy named Dave must have missed the memo because he legitimately bought a combination safe for the fridge to keep his fiancee (and the mother of his children, I might add!!) from eating what he believes are “his” snacks.

lock box

  1. I feel really bad for Stacey Lowe. Stacey is Dave’s girlfriend and the woman who revealed that her fiance is a total jerk who is trying to infringe on her snacking rights. She went viral on Facebook earlier this month when she shared a photo of the lockbox Dave put in their fridge, keeping his yummy treats just out of her reach.
  2. First of all, Dave doesn’t even have good snacks. From the photo Stacey posted, it doesn’t even look like Dave has great taste in treats. He has a bar of Cadbury chocolate, some Double Deckers (a tasty UK-based chocolate bar), and something that looks kinda like an apple pie. Really? Not worth the price of the lockbox, dude.
  3. Seriously, who does this? While it’s hilarious as a viral story, think about the reality of the situation: a guy literally bought and installed a SAFE in the refrigerator he shares with his FIANCEE to… keep his candy from her. How petty and selfish can you be? Is it annoying when someone eats something you were looking forward to chowing down on? Sure. Is it something you could just talk about like a mature adult instead of being so ridiculous about? Yup.
  4. The lockbox isn’t even cheap! Seriously, it’s being sold on Amazon for £29.95, or about $37.50. Consider how many snacks he could buy with that amount of money! Surely that cash could have been better spent on stocking up on chocolate so that there’s enough for both him and Stacey rather than locking up his $3 worth of chocolate in a nearly $40 safe???
  5. Stacey, however, seems to be taking it all in her stride. While she jokes in her original post that Dave’s move is “breakup material,” she later comes back to share which lockbox he bought as well as saying that she’s considering in investing one herself to keep her own snacks. How about everyone just shares the snacks?!?!?!?!

lockbox, stacey lowe

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