Guys Can Be Hopeless Romantics Too — 17 Signs Yours A Total Softy

Women aren’t the only ones who love a little romance. While guys might not be as open about their mushiness, plenty of them love being in love just as much as we do. If you happen to find a guy who shows these signs, you may just have bagged yourself a hopeless romantic:

  1. He knows how long you’ve been dating, down to the day. A friend asks how long you’ve been together and he casually says, “183 days” instead of “six or seven months”. The fact that he appreciates every single day you share is really adorable and totally romantic.
  2. He wants to go to Venice or Paris for your anniversary. He says that he want to go because Italy and France have great food, but he eventually admits that he actually wants to go on a moonlit gondola ride with you.
  3. He has a few blankets in every room. He’s always ready to pull them out when you’re snuggling together because he knows how easily you get cold. Also, he has two fluffy robes and pairs of slippers in the bathroom. One of each is for you! Aww.
  4. He asked permission the first time he kissed you. He waited until you were both standing beneath the trellis of flowers at your front door too. He insists it wasn’t old-fashioned romantic, just respectful, and you reassure him that you loved it.
  5. He regularly likes videos of cute animals and babies on Facebook. He probably doesn’t realize his “likes” are visible to anyone else and would be embarrassed if he realized, but he’s a sucker for baby animals and baby humans. Aw, isn’t that sweet?
  6. He owns a copy of “Beautiful Bastard.” He admits it’s a romance novel, but he says his sister left it behind when she visited. When you find the sequel in his dresser, you know he must at least secretly have read it!
  7. He doesn’t think “long walks on the beach” are cliche. You thought he was kidding when he first mentioned it, but nope! He even prefers to head to the beach during evenings to see the sunset. On his birthday, you know that packing a picnic to spread on the sand is his idea of a perfect day.
  8. He insists on taking your picture at every family event. First, there’s the solo shot of you, then he gets someone to hold the camera so you can both get in it together. He’s a fan of the mid-kiss shot, but he pretends it’s you who insists on it.
  9. He took screenshots of your early conversations. He didn’t just leave them on his laptop, either — he printed them out and stored them in a secret photo album along with a few cute screenshots of your FaceTime sessions. He looks a little embarrassed when you ask him about it, but it’s totally endearing.
  10. He ends every call with his brother with an “I love you, man.” It turns out that being a sweetheart runs in the family. Other than you, they’re the only people he can show his soft side to. It’s not weird that he loves his brother, it’s really sweet.
  11. He always has ingredients for fancy breakfasts. Because he likes serving you breakfast in bed. He pours the maple syrup in hearts on top of the pancakes and tucks little orange slices onto the cups. If that’s not romantic, what is?
  12. He owns and wears Christmas sweaters. He loved Christmas when he was growing up — some of his favorite memories are sitting with his family on Christmas morning, opening presents and listening to holiday music. He doesn’t see any reason to
  13. He has scented candles in his bathroom.  They’re tucked away with some bubble bath behind his razor kit where they can’t be seen. You assume they’re for spur-of-the-moment relaxing baths, because who doesn’t love a nice warm soak after a stressful day?
  14. He treats his dog like his own child. He’s living proof that dogs really are a man’s best friend. He and his dog are inseparable and he basically treats it like he’s a human baby. He dresses him up in sweaters, talks to him endlessly in baby talk and has to buy him a new toy every time you’re at the store. Sucker!
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