These Heart-Shaped Boxes Full Of Fireball Shooters Will Take Valentine’s Day To The Next Level

While chocolate is delicious, handing your S.O. a heart-shaped box full of mediocre truffles on Valentine’s Day is a little tired. This year, why not opt for something a little different with these boxes full of Fireball shooters that will not only make them happy but get them pretty drunk too?

  1. Chocolate is for amateurs. So says the caption on the box, which was originally spotted by the Instagram account @Foodiewiththebeasts. They found the heart-shaped fireball boxes at Vlamis Liquors, a store located in Elkton, Maryland. To be honest, the catchphrase is kinda right…
  2. Talk about burning love! If you really want to heat things up for Valentine’s Day, Fireball is one way to do it. It’s whiskey with a twist — a burning twist. Whiskey already has a bit of a burn to it, especially in those first few sips, but Fireball takes that to a whole new level, and you get 10 mini bottles in the box!
  3. It’s unclear if this is available nationwide. Unless you live near Vlamis Liquors, you might have to do a bit of hunting to find this box of Fireball shots in time for Valentine’s Day. However, there’s nothing exclusive about the product, so it’s likely that it is being sold at select retailers nationwide. You’ll just have to be a bit of a sleuth to hunt it down!
  4. Even if you’re not in a relationship with a whiskey lover, you could always buy one for yourself. Who says you need to be in a relationship to enjoy a heart-shaped box full of whiskey? Treat yourself to some Fireball this Valentine’s Day. If nothing else, it should burn away the frustration and antipathy you’re starting to feel towards dating after one too many jerks and more failed relationships than you’d like to remember. You won’t be sorry.
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