How You Deal With Breakups According To Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology isn’t meant to predict your future, but it’s surprising how accurate it can be sometimes when it comes to things like reactions to big life events. For example, when you go through a terrible breakup, you’re likely to handle it differently according to your sign.

  1. Aries. The Ram doesn’t like to appear weak, so instead of facing your feelings about a breakup head on, you distract herself with lots of new commitments — a cooking class, freelance work, planning a trip for you and your best friends… anything to keep your mind busy and incapable of dwelling. An Aries girl tends to get bored easily in a relationship (and in general) so if you distract yourself after a breakup and fill your time with other things, you get over the relationship a lot quicker.
  2. Taurus. As an earth sign, the Taurus girl can be incredibly stubborn — and that includes when it comes to accepting that a relationship is really over. You’re willing to put your all into making things work, even when it’s pretty clear there’s little hope, but once you’ve finally decided to put a relationship behind you, there’s no winning you back. It may not be over when you ex says it is, but when YOU say it’s over, it really is.
  3. Gemini. Restlessness is the number one reason for a Gemini girl to leave an otherwise decent relationship behind. You don’t do well with routine and your flirtatious nature leads to plenty of new prospects taking an interest in you at all times. That’s one of the reasons you’re so quick to move on after breakup. If he doesn’t want to be with you, you’ll find someone else who does. That doesn’t mean you won’t want to stay friends with your ex, though. You see no reason to leave things on bad terms unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  4. Cancer. A sensitive water sign, a Cancer girl is the cry into a bowl of ice cream type after a breakup. You don’t let go of relationships easily because you put your heart and soul into them and you love deeply. You’re the needy type and you tend to let jealousy control you at times. You’re fiercely protective of your feelings so getting back together with you is pretty much mission impossible, unless your ex is truly in it for the long haul.
  5. Leo. The lion’s number one priority is pride. You don’t like to feel like you’ve been made a fool of, which is why infidelity is the worst thing someone could ever do to you. You’re not shy about letting your ex know why he pissed you off, either — you like attention and you’re not afraid to make a scene. On the other hand, you’re loyal and not opposed to taking someone back if he’s groveled sufficiently.
  6. Virgo. Another earth sign, a Virgo lady hates admitting defeat, and you’ll hold on to a relationship that is already dead in the water just because you refuse to give up. You expect perfection both from yourself and the people you date, so coming to terms with a failed relationship isn’t easy for you. When you finally do, you will never go back because you refuse to waste your energy on something you already know is a dead-end. When you’re done, you’re done.
  7. Libra. Commitment is of high importance to the Libra girl. You prefer being in a serious relationship to being single or casually dating, so it’s rare that you’re the one to initiate any sort of breakup. If get get dumped, you’ll do whatever it takes to win your ex back, and if that fails, you’ll be on the prowl almost immediately for the next guy willing to settle down with you. You’re a serial monogamist to the nth degree and you love love, and that can be an intense combination.
  8. Scorpio. The most intense sign of the zodiac, a Scorpio girl knows how to hold a grudge. Since you prefer to be the one in control, you don’t take kindly to being dumped. If you ever have the chance to exact some kind of revenge, you usually won’t hesitate to do so. You’re good at keeping a secret and biding your time, so your ex might not even know how you really felt about the breakup until much later when you’re ready to show your cards.
  9. Sagittarius. The Sagittarius lady is not known for tact. That means, during (and probably after) a breakup, you’ll say the meanest things you can think of without thinking about the consequences. You like your freedom, and you won’t tolerate anyone trying to hold you back or tell you what to do. You’re highly independent, so you won’t have a hard time coming to the conclusion that being single is actually preferable.
  10. Capricorn. The most loyal of all the zodiac signs, the Capricorn girl has an endless supply of patience and is highly adverse to quitting. With that being said, if a relationship is holding you back from achieving your goals, you’ll end it without a second thought and you’ll be confident you made the right choice. Then, to distract yourself, you’ll throw yourself into work until you find someone else who’s worthy of your lofty ambitions.
  11. Aquarius. Showing emotions is not a strong suit for an Aquarius woman. You’re incredibly logical and can come off as cold and cut off from your emotions even if that’s not actually the case. This disconnect often ends up being the reason for many of your breakups in the first place. You don’t like neediness and you rely on no one, so to you, a breakup is far from the end of the world.
  12. Pisces. If someone pushes a Pisces woman to the point of walking away from a relationship, that’s quite the accomplishment. You’re usually the forgiving sort, but you’re also an expert at playing the victim and you know just how to make your ex look like the bad guy. You’re not particularly adept at taking responsibility for your action,s though, and you’d probably rather give up and slink away than fight back.
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