How To Get A Guy To Notice You Without A Lot Of Effort

It’s no secret that women are much more complex than men. We overthink things and hypothesize scenarios in our heads that don’t really reflect reality. We really don’t need to be doing much work to get guys to notice us—it’s really this simple.

  1. A confident attitude will work wonders. Confidence is such a powerful tool. When you’re confident, you radiate that energy and put it out to the world. Others can see it without even realizing they’re seeing it. It makes people feel captivated by you. It’s not always easy to drum up confidence when you’re feeling insecure, but just acting as though you are will help you pull yourself out of your insecurities.
  2. Allow your personal style to shine. Grease may have shown us that you can change your look and get the guy, but that’s such a tired concept. If you don’t dress in a way that’s authentic to who you are, you can’t expect to find a guy that’s authentically made for you. Embrace your personal style! Feel confident about it. If you love rocking rompers and jumpsuits day in and day out, do it. If you like bold colors, flaunt it! Let your style speak for you and you’ll attract a man that loves you for who you are.
  3. Avoid being the center of attention. This might sound counterintuitive but hear me out. You don’t need to be so glaringly obvious in putting yourself out there for men. You don’t have to wear low-cut shirts or short skirts. You don’t need to be overly flirtatious. These things provide a shock value that would certainly command attention, but not the good kind. The shock of it can easily wear off and you find that you really have nothing in common with this guy. What a time waster!
  4. Speak fluent body language. We all somehow instinctively know how to speak body language without even really learning it. You want your body language to say that you’re open and inviting. Avoid crossing your arms over your chest, for example. Keeping your midsection open is a clear sign that you’re approachable. When talking with a guy, keep your body facing him. Don’t have your body turned away from him, as this gives him the impression that you’re really not into him.
  5. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact. There’s something so steamy about meeting a man’s eye. Whether you spot him across the room and want to catch his attention or you’re having a conversation with him, you want to maintain eye contact very well. If you let him know how engaged you are with him, you’ll make it very hard for him to look away.
  6. Be engaging. Good conversation is imperative in any relationship. Show him that you listen to him and can provide value to a discussion. You’re smart, so let him see that! Simply nodding along as he talks without probing further or adding your own input can come off as boring. Plus, if you’re not sure if there’s an electrifying connection, this is a great time to consider whether he is someone you don’t mind talking to.
  7. Don’t underestimate the power of touch. Physical touch is such an important part of the interaction. It’s also a very flirtatious move and really doesn’t require a whole lot. Keep it simple and G-rated. Touch his shoulder when he says something funny. Touch his hand as you elaborate during a story. Touch can be so electrifying and really conveys how you’re feeling towards him without saying a word.
  8. Enliven him with your scent. Just like touch, the power of smell can get you noticed quickly. It’s an unspoken way to leave a memory on a man. Having a signature scent can be so powerful. Finding fragrances and playing around with different ones can be a lot of fun, but having one single scent that others can associate with you will have them remembering you even when you aren’t around. If you don’t have a signature scent, take a trip to the mall or your favorite store and try out different fragrances until you find one that works best with your body chemistry. Not all fragrances smell the same on everyone, making whichever one you find truly your own when it’s worn on you.
  9. Be bold! Similar to exuding confidence, you can’t be afraid to be a little bold. If you see a guy at an event you think is cute or you’ve heard about a guy in your office you might be attracted to, don’t wait for him to make the first move and come up to you. Go to him! Start a conversation and introduce yourself. You don’t have to wait on the sidelines for life to happen to you. You can go out and make it happen. Simple as that.