How To Actually Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Most people are terribly skeptical about long-distance relationships as the uncertainty of being far away from their partners is a nightmare for many. However, there are plenty of couples around the world who don’t live in the same place and their relationships are thriving. If you find yourself in this arrangement and want to ensure it works long-term (or at least until you can be together in person), here’s how to keep things thriving.

  1. Make communication your number one priority. Communication is paramount in any relationship, long-distance or otherwise. Thankfully, we’re in an age where technology is readily available in most countries around the world. Whenever possible, it’s important to create time to text, phone, and video-call your partner as much as is comfortable. Talk about the little things, the big things, about how you each spent your day, what you had for lunch and what you’ll be having for dinner. Constant communication is universally the ultimate way to bridge the gap in a long-distance relationship.
  2. Conversely, give yourselves time alone. As much as you and your partner must constantly communicate, it’s also important to take out time to focus on yourselves and miss each other for a while. The spark is bound to be much fiercer when you give yourselves some space and time before coming back to spend hours on the phone again. Plus, you’ll actually have things to talk about when you have your own life separate from your partner.
  3. Exchange and keep sentimental items. Whether it’s a small picture of your partner that you keep in your wallet or a piece of jewelry that belongs to them, having something that reminds you of the person you love when you’re miles away from them is an effective way of keeping their memory alive in your heart and mind. What you’re doing in essence is having a piece of your partner with you.
  4. Be open and vocal. There’s a huge tendency in long-distance relationships to feel insecure about a lot of things, like your feelings for each other and the relationship as a whole. This is why you should work hard to be open with your partner. Talk about your emotions. Every time you talk, tell your partner you love them and don’t be reluctant to constantly reassure them of that. This is extremely important to sustaining the bond while killing any insecurity that may arise in the relationship.
  5. Do stuff together while apart. Again, thank goodness for technology! You both could watch TV series together, share a Netflix account and watch movies together, or play games online together if you’re both gamers. Offline, you could cook your meals or go out to eat at the same time, read a book, or even exercise together, all the while staying in contact to share these moments. This creates a bond and feeling of togetherness that even distance cannot defy.
  6. Occupy yourselves with your individual lives. In order not to be overwhelmed by the separation and longing that long-distance relationships bring, you and your partner must endeavor to immerse yourselves in your separate lives and activities. Whether it’s school, work, or the very reason why you’re apart, burying yourselves in your individual lives amid the distance can save you both a lot of time spent brooding and longing for each other, which may lead to regret that creates cracks in the relationship.
  7. Support and encourage each other. It’s important that you both be strong support systems for each other despite the distance gap. Making an effort to encourage and motivate your partner to carry on with their personal endeavors and to go through life’s hurdles even while you’re apart goes a long way in building and nurturing that mutual trust and care.
  8. Find time to visit if possible. Even though you may video-call each other every other day for hours on end, there’s bound to be that lack of physical touch and intimacy and that yearning to see each other physically. This is why, if possible, you and your partner should create time to visit each other once in a while. You could plan visits for times when you both are not so busy so you may have yourselves to each other. Also, don’t forget to get your partner a gift! It’ll help keep the memory of the visit on for long after it’s over!
  9. Create a future together and look forward to it. Eventually, in any long-distance relationship, there should be a future in the offing where things change. You and your partner must create a future together and constantly reassure yourselves towards actualizing that future. Whether it’s a short term objective to finish a degree and get back together or a long term goal to start a family together… creating a future that you can look forward to can ease the uncertainty that comes with being endlessly apart. This will also give you both a sense of purpose and comfort that one day, sooner or later, you’ll be together again.
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