How To Be Hot: The Ultimate Guide To Attractiveness

There’s no use lying and saying that you don’t care about what you look like. We all want to be seen as attractive to potential romantic partners, that’s only natural. However, you don’t need to look like a supermodel or wear a size zero for that to be the case. Here’s how to be hot, effortlessly. Spoiler alert: It’s way less about your physical appearance and more about your attitude.

1. Value what’s in your head and heart more than what you look like.

This is the easiest way to be hot, hands down. Realize that at the end of the day, being seen as attractive by other people is largely dependent on your great personality. There’s no use being society’s idea of physical perfection but then having nothing to back it up inside. Intelligence, kindness, respect, humor, and all of those other amazing qualities carry so much more weight.

2. Set goals and go after them.

Ambition is hot, without a doubt. You don’t have to have dreams of world domination for this to apply. Maybe your goal is to learn how to speak French, prepare for a 10K run, or go back to school and get a Ph.D. Whatever your goals are, pursue them relentlessly and don’t give up until you achieve them. People will take notice, trust me.

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4. Be unapologetically yourself. If you want to be hot, be you.

There’s no one on this earth that’s quite like you, that has the same combination of qualities that you do. Recognize how special that is and honor it. Never apologize for being too much of something or too little of something else. Acknowledge your own greatness and others will too.

5. Always see the bright side.

Perspective is everything, and while no one can be cheery 100% of the time, the ability to see the bright side of life and never let adversity get the best of you is attractive, without a doubt. Understand that every experience is a learning opportunity and embrace everything that comes your way with a positive attitude.

6. Learn to feel good in your own skin.

At the end of the day, most of us don’t look like the airbrushed photos we see on Instagram and in magazines. So what? The hottest thing about you is the fact that you don’t care about all of that. You’re comfortable in your own skin and love yourself wholeheartedly, and that’s so attractive.

7. Dress to Impress.

The right outfits can do wonders for your self-confidence. Choose something that makes you feel your best. It doesn’t have to be the flashiest or most scantily clad outfit option. Rather, it should highlight your assets and give you a major boost in confidence that other people will take notice of when you walk in the room.

8. Speak your Mind.

Boldness catches attention quickly. Don’t be rude or vulgar and steer clear of controversial topics when it would be inappropriate to bring them up. At the same time, don’t be afraid to say something direct or poignant. It’s a great way to strike up an in-depth conversation or to catch the attention of someone nearby. People will appreciate your honesty as well as admire the confidence it took to be so direct.

9. Know Your Assets.

This has a couple of different meanings. On one hand, know the angles and curves of your body and which parts you prefer to show off. Choose an outfit that puts your best assets on display, whether your feel that’s your chest, backside, or both. Don’t be afraid to show off what you’ve been blessed with. But don’t forget about your other assets – like your intellectual ability and loyalty to your friends. Know your strengths and your worth. Not only will this help you appear more confident, but it will remind others just what a catch you are.

10. Be Aware Of What You Want.

Just like being direct is an attractive quality, so is being decisive. Know what drink you want to order right away or have a topic on hand that your want to bring up at the table. But it goes beyond that. Don’t be afraid to share your career goals or personal ambitions. And if the conversation turns romantic, don’t be afraid to let the person you’re interested in know what you want out of things. Knowing what you want comes across as hot (and can save you from heartbreak).

11. Don’t Let Anyone Talk You Down.

There are always going to be people who aren’t interested in what you’re serving. Maybe they’re jealous or feel threatened. But stand your ground. Don’t let someone shake you up or expose your insecurities, no matter how nasty or petty their remarks may be. It’s more attractive to be the bigger person and let the individual make a fool of themselves. In short – don’t stoop to their level.

12. Have The Perfect Comebacks.

Again, it’s not attractive to be rude or vulgar. But there’s never any harm in a bit of sassiness. In fact, replying with the perfect comeback is another way to show off your self-confidence while putting someone in their place. Think beforehand of fitting replies if someone says something off-handed to you. Then, hit them hard with your comeback and move on.

13. Don’t Give Him All Of Your Attention.

Don’t give all of your attention to one person. Even if there’s a guy that you’re focused on, don’t let him catch onto it. Mingle and talk to a variety of new people. This will not only show off your social side, but it will prove that you’re a hot commodity by the fact that so many people want to talk to you. This in itself will grab the attention of the guy or gal you’re interested in.

14. Really Work The Room.

In addition to not focusing on only one individual, it’s important to really work the room. Give everyone a bit of time and attention. This way, you can be assured that you’ve gotten on everyone’s radar. But don’t just say ‘Hi’ and walk away. If people think you’re only doing this for attention, they’ll quickly lose interest in you. Working the room means striking up genuine conversations and appearing interested in what others have to say.

15. Have A Couple of Stories On-Hand.

When trying to get everyone’s attention, it can be difficult to constantly think of new topics to keep the conversation flowing. It’s a good idea to have a couple of stories you’re willing to share picked out ahead of time. Think of funny or relatable things that have happened to you recently that are likely to make a group of people laugh. Make sure it’s a story that’s appropriate for the setting and one that everyone will find in good taste.

16. Maintain Eye Contact.

There’s nothing hotter than a woman who can win a staring contest. Strong eye contact demonstrates confidence and boldness. It will be an instant turn-on for someone whose curiosity has already been piqued by you. But it’s important to maintain eye contact with everyone you come in contact with. Not only does it show confidence, but it’s also a sign of respect and shows that you’re interested in the conversation, both of which are attractive qualities to aspire to.

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