How To Get A Guy To Kiss You When You Want Him To

There are many tactics to employ when you want to advance the talking stage of a relationship to something more serious. First of all, you have to be ready to take a risk. Other than that, you can’t go wrong – just stick to your guns. Here’s how to get a guy to kiss you when you want him to.

  1. Make it seem like his idea. Men are fickle creatures, aren’t they? Sometimes we all need to pander to each other’s egos and make them feel special. By doing that, we manipulate events so that it makes it easy for them to make a certain decision: to kiss us. Once we’ve shown them why they should be interested in us, it no longer feels like they’re being forced into anything. Not that they would anyway, but you get my drift.
  2. Focus on what you have in common. This is the best way to ensure that you establish a strong personal connection with someone. It shows them in unavoidable and unmistakable terms that you’re worthy of his time. By sharing in some nostalgia from your childhood or that’s connected to your family’s past, he’ll become more invested in you and feel at ease with you. It will feel familiar, and he’ll want to know more about you.
  3. Make him jealous. This might seem a little more old school but bear with me. You could do much worse than making this guy jealous. Again, men are fickle, so you sometimes have to engage in guerilla warfare to get through their brains. They might not get the subtle inner workings of your other tactics, but this is obvious. If you go on a date with someone else or tell him you might, that can often be enough to ignite his attraction for you. Plus, it keeps your options open. You get to see what the market’s like and establish further what you want from a relationship. It’s a win-win to show him what he’s missing.
  4. Show him what he’s missing. Don’t be shy in this portion of events. This is your time to show him the goods, both metaphorically and literally. Be shameless if you have to. This is what things like Instagram and TikTok are for. Yes, maybe it’s vain, but everyone else is doing the same thing. If it makes you feel good, go for it. You’ll quickly find that he turns up at the top of your profile engagement list. These are effective, tried, and tested methods. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.
  5. Don’t take no for an answer. In a consensual way. That sounded a little creepy, but you know what I mean. Be confident. Advocate for yourself. This isn’t the time to waste time dancing around the issue. Life is short, so seize the day. The worst that can happen is that he says no to kissing you, you won’t be crushed for long. Remember that. If he seems reluctant, reflect on why. You don’t want to spend your life chasing after a person that isn’t interested. But, if you think he’s just nervous, then jump in. It could be the start of a great thing.
  6. Dictate proceedings. Don’t wait around for a man to take charge. Chances are, you’ll be waiting a long time. Sometimes they just never get the hint. Whatever, that’s their hang-up. If you see that happening, take charge. Tell him what you want and see what he comes back with. The most likely response is that he will appreciate your confidence. Surprise him.
  7. Dress up. Dress to impress, as they say. Experiment with your clothing style and make-up and see how you feel. Focus on what feels good for you and what feels natural. That doesn’t mean you need a full face of makeup and six-inch heels. Just wear something that makes you feel hot as hell and chances are, he’ll feel the same about you.
  8. Tell him that you love a direct man. This will be a direct call to action. By telling him what you want, you can see if he responds to your directive. If he’s right for you, he will kiss you if you communicate that you want that. It shows a man at one with his masculinity and who appreciates a strong woman. It won’t weird him out.
  9. Talk about kissing. If it’s not totally out of left field and you’re comfortable and flirty enough with him for this to be a normal (or at least welcome) conversation, you could talk about an amazing kiss you have or the fact that you think kissing is really sexy and can be mind-blowing. If he’s feeling you, he’s going to want to take advantage of your love of locking lips and should be leaning in soon.
  10. Lick your lips a little. You cannot underestimate the importance of body language when it comes to displaying your feelings for someone. Lean a little closer to him, smile a lot at what he says, make eye contact, and definitely lick your lips. This will draw his eyes to your mouth and suddenly, he won’t be able to look at anything else. Hopefully, he’ll take the hint and put his lips on yours ASAP.

There you have it, a few ticks and tricks about how to go about getting your crush to like you, and to kiss you. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. When you get to that point, here’s how to kiss a guy that he’ll never forget.

Hannah has a Masters degree in Romantic and Victorian literature in Scotland and spends her spare time writing anything from essays to short fiction about the life and times of the frogs in her local pond! She loves musical theatre, football, anything with potatoes, and remains a firm believer that most of the problems in this world can be solved by dancing around the kitchen to ABBA. You can find her on Instagram at @_hannahvic.