How To Make Guys Jealous In The Right Way, According To A Guy

There are a lot of ways to make guys jealous — after all, many of us are insecure deep down and have big egos, which is a deadly combination in this regard. If you’re just trying to make a guy upset so you can play head games with him, you need to stop immediately. However, if you’re interested in a guy or hoping to get more attention from your current boyfriend, allow me to share a few ways to make a guy jealous the right way.

  1. Ask him about other guys. If he’s just a friend but you think you want something more, ask for his advice regarding other guys. This will let him know that your options are open but it will also let him know that you’re available. Plus, you’ll be able to steer the conversation where you want it and push him in your direction.
  2. Find a new group of friends. For a current boyfriend, a useful way to make him a little jealous is to find new friends. It’s a good way of conveying that you’re missing something in your life without being hurtful. Guys will almost always notice new people in your life and wonder why, which can arouse a little jealousy and at least get his attention.
  3. Look your best. Trying to look your best will almost always get a guy’s attention. If you make an effort to look your best for people other than him, he will probably get a little jealous. As long as you don’t try to take things too far, there’s nothing wrong with focusing on your appearance to get his attention.
  4. Flaunt it on social media. Once you make an effort to look your best, there’s nothing wrong with flaunting it a little bit on Instagram. It’s just a way of saying that you don’t only get dressed up for your boyfriend. Also, if you’re single, it can be a good way to get the attention of a potential suitor. Just don’t go overboard with social media or it’ll be too obvious that you’re trying to make him jealous and it’ll totally backfire.
  5. Laugh at someone else’s jokes. Guys can be possessive about stuff like this. They don’t like it when someone else can make their girlfriends laugh. We like to think that’s our job. Immature, yes, but totally true.
  6. Take your time getting back to him. We all know that guys aren’t the best at returning texts quickly, so turnabout is fair play. He won’t know that you’re purposely waiting a little while to get back to him, but the longer you wait, the more time he has to think about why you haven’t responded and get jealous.
  7. Talk about your celebrity crush. Guys are always super competitive when it comes to women. They always want to believe they are the best person their girlfriends have ever met. That’s why you should never compare your boyfriend to an ex unless you want to upset him. Believe it or not, however, celebrity crushes can be almost as bad. Even if you think it’s innocent, he’ll get uptight if you go gaga over your celebrity crush.
  8. Be friendly with everyone. Okay, so this doesn’t mean you should flirt with other people in front of your boyfriend, but just being friendly with people can make a guy a little jealous. After all, people like being around someone who’s friendly and likable. He’ll typically be jealous that other people get to enjoy your engaging personality because he’ll want you all to himself.
  9. Mention an ex. When you bring up an ex-boyfriend, you don’t want to go overboard and gush too much. That will make a guy jealous in a mean way. As I said earlier, you never want to compare your current boyfriend to someone you dated in the past. However, a casual mention of an ex in passing can help stir up a healthy dose of jealousy in a guy.
  10. Act like you have a secret. One thing that breeds jealousy is uncertainty. If a guy doesn’t know what you’re doing or where he stands, he’ll be more prone to jealousy. Talk to him about something but don’t share all of the details. Tell him just enough to make him wonder. This will either make him jealous or force him to come out and ask you.
  11. Prove you don’t need him. Guys are somewhat simple creatures in that we like being wanted and we like being needed. If you start to take that away from him, he’ll become jealous. Either ask someone else for help with something where he could help or try doing it on your own. He’ll get a little jealous because he wants to be there for you, but he’ll stop short of getting angry, which is what you want.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.