How To Tell When A Guy Is Head Over Heels For You, According To A Guy

There’s no better feeling than being head over heels for someone. It feels so amazing that you just wish it’d last forever even though you know it won’t. The problem is that guys don’t always tell you that they’re falling hard for you. Luckily, his actions tell you all you need to know so you can enjoy this honeymoon period with bliss.

  1. He laughs a lot. I’m not here to pass judgment on which of you ladies are funny and which aren’t, but if a guy is regularly cracking up at your jokes (or your attempted jokes), it’s a safe bet that he’s head over heels for you. I know you ladies tend to think the guy you like is hilarious. Just know that it goes both ways.
  2. He has so much nervous energy. Almost every guy is nervous around a woman he likes, at least in the beginning. Even guys who are good at playing it cool will get nervous when they feel something real for someone. If you sense a lot of nervous energy from a guy, he’s either hiding a huge secret or totally smitten with you.
  3. He enjoys your flaws. Let’s just agree that we all have flaws. I know I have them, as do all of you. But a guy who’s falling head over heels for you will absolutely love your flaws. Even if you’re a little clumsy or quirky, a guy who’s head over heels will enjoy those flaws. He’ll find these things cute and endearing, mostly because he’s blinded by love.
  4. He willingly watches your favorite movies. If you can get a guy to watch The Notebook without putting up a fight, he’s seriously feeling you. If he’s head over heels, he’ll sit and watch any movie you want. He just wants an excuse to hang out with you and make you happy.
  5. He texts you nonstop. Texting frequency is always key to figuring out how a guy feels about you. I know that some guys can be a little slow about texting back, but any guy who’s crazy about you won’t stop texting you. If he’s willing to text you all day and all night, he’s super into you.
  6. He remembers everything. When a guy shows you that he remembers every little detail of your time together, you know he’s got it bad. If a guy is crazy about you, he’ll be so keyed in on you and everything going on that he’ll remember all of the little details. A lot of times, he’s not even trying to commit everything to memory – it just happens.
  7. He makes time for you. A guy who’s in love will never be too busy to hang out with you. Some guys tend to be a little flaky with plans, but if we’re super into someone, we’ll cancel anything we need to if it means getting to see you. Of course, I can’t promise this will last forever, but it’s a dead giveaway early on.
  8. He asks if you’re happy. Yes, most men are focused solely on ourselves. Also, asking if you’re happy should be standard operating procedure and not a big deal. But if you lower your expectations a little, you’ll be able to spot a guy who’s genuinely falling for you. Any guy who takes the time to see if you’re happy with how the relationship is going is borderline obsessed with you in a good way.
  9. He plan surprises for you. I can’t promise that you’ll like these surprises or that they’ll be particularly clever because not all men are good at this sort of thing. Sometimes surprises are unexpected presents or showing up someplace unannounced just to see you. Hopefully, you like that kind of thing. Of course, it’s the thought that counts!
  10. He’s willing to cuddle. Obviously, not all guys are against cuddling. However, if he’s extra affectionate, that’s a positive sign. That includes cuddling without you having to ask or make it seem like a big deal. That’s how much a guy who’s falling for you just wants to be close to you. Again, it doesn’t seem like much, but it means a lot.
  11. He brags about you. Any time a guy talks glowingly about you around other people, it’s a good sign. Doing this means he thinks that you’re virtually perfect. More importantly, he’ll have no problem telling anyone who will listen just how perfect you are. It might embarrass you a little, but it means so much.
  12. Time together is quality time. When a guy is head over heels for you, he will give you his undivided attention. His phone will be out of sight and his mind will be completely focused on you. The time you two spend together will be all about you. Every time you’re together, he’ll want you to have the time of your life. If he’s always making an effort to make sure you two spend quality time together, he’s definitely in love.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.