How To Tell When A Guy Really Likes You

You know you’re into him but you’re kinda confused as to whether he feels the same. Is he just going with the flow because there’s nothing better going on or is there more to what he’s doing? These 10 signs will tell you for sure that he likes you and could be interested in something real and long-term.

He sticks to his word.

You know that a guy who keeps his promises, however small, is showing you that he’s man enough for you. But when he says he’ll call or text and he does, that’s not something to take lightly. It means he’s clearly into you and making an effort.

He plans for future dates.

When a date ends, does he immediately book you in for another one? That’s a really good sign that he likes you and wants to be around you as much as possible, as opposed to the man who will wait for you to be the one to plan all your dates.

He’s consistent.

This is so important! A guy who is consistent is reliable. You know where you stand with him and he avoids those annoying mixed messages that can leave you hanging and confused.

He handles those introductions early on.

When he likes you and has spent some time with you, he’s not going to stall letting you meet his folks and loved ones. He’ll want you to be a part of his life without playing games.

He’s down for whatever.

A guy who genuinely wants to date you will want to do things that bring you joy, so he’ll be down for sharing in what you like, including the passions and hobbies that make your eyes sparkle. He’ll also be flexible and open to compromise instead of wanting things his way every time.

He’s wary of coming on too strong.

Now, there’s the guy who shows you he’s interested and then there’s the guy who barges into your life and acts like he’s in a dating race, eager to jump through all the milestones. Yikes. A guy who’s interested in you will be sure to avoid freaking you out by coming on too strongly. He’ll respect your boundaries and me-time but still show you he likes you.

He loves to spend time on the sofa.

He doesn’t have to go to all the hottest parties with you or do something super-awesome every weekend. He can quite happily chill with you and watch your favorite Netflix shows without feeling bored. He’s focused on who he’s with, not what he’s doing (or not doing).

He thinks ahead.

When a guy’s in tune with you and your needs, it shows. He’ll be thoughtful. For example, he’ll remember that you’re allergic to berries when he surprises you with your favorite dessert and he’ll bring an umbrella so that you don’t get your hair wet when it starts raining during a date with him. It’s those things that show he’s going the extra mile.

He cares about your opinion.

While it’s good for him to have his own mind, he likes to know your thoughts and opinions. He cares about what you have to say. So, if you tell him that the way a woman is flirting with him when you’re at a club together is bugging you, he won’t stay in the situation just to see you feel rattled. When you give him feedback on the work presentation he’s been working on, he’s open to what you think without bashing your opinions.

He adds more goodness to your life.

How can you tell if a man really likes you? You can see it in the way you feel when you’re around him, but you can also tell by how your life looks with him in it. If your life seems happier and more joyful, then he’s bringing good things your way. He’ll only do that when he’s crazy about you and wants to make you happy.

He’s interested in your life.

When the guy you’re dating asks lots of questions, this is generally thought to be a sign that he’s taking an interest in you. But when he goes one step further by asking you questions about things he knows are important, like how your friend is doing after her recent car accident or how you’re feeling about your upcoming exam, then you know that he’s really interested in you and what you’re about. He genuinely cares.

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