Hugh Hefner Had Playboy ‘Shadow Mansions’ To ‘Lure Young Women Into Abuse’

Hugh Hefner has been subject to many horrific allegations over the years, but the latest, made by 51-year-old Jennifer Saginor, is perhaps one of the most disturbing. In the latest episode of A&E’s Secrets of Playboy, Saginor, the daughter of Hefner’s doctor, Dr. Mark Saginor, opened up about what she saw and experienced growing up at the Playboy Mansion. What she had to say was shocking, to say the least, but not surprising.

  1. Dr. Saginor was known as “Dr. Feelgood.” He was allegedly the one who made prescription drugs so readily available around the Mansion, many of which were reportedly used as “leg openers” to coerce the Playboy Bunnies and other women into sexual acts. Saginor spent 40 years as Hefner’s physician and best friend, not to mention his alleged lover. As his daughter, Jennifer grew up there as well.
  2. Jennifer Saginor revealed the alleged existence of “shadow mansions.” While everyone knows about the infamous Playboy Mansion, Saginor revealed that there were other houses used by Hefner and his associates to allegedly lure other young women into sexual abuse.
  3. The “shadow mansions” were for women who weren’t good enough for the main house. According to Saginor, the women who were “sevens or eights” and not quite up to Playboy’s standards would be sent to one of the other houses by Hefner and those in his circle. “By shadow mansion, I mean that these men in Hef’s inner circle would try to emulate what he created in his own empire at the Playboy Mansion,” she explained. “And they would have smaller versions of the Playboy mansions, which I would refer to as mini-mansions. They would house these young girls who would come to Los Angeles looking for opportunities to become actresses or models.”
  4. Saginor lived in one of the “shadow mansions” herself. While she moved into the main Playboy mansion at the age of six, she was later moved to her father’s “shadow house” and says while there, she witnessed terrible sexual abuse and aggressive, predatory behavior towards young women. “My father and the inner circle from Playboy created clones of the Playboy Mansion on a smaller scale to sort of lure these young girls in. It was very predatory. These young girls have no idea what’s gonna hit them next,” she recalled.
  5. The things that went on at the houses beggar belief. Saginor said she was “horrified” by the things she saw, including “girls [who] were clearly drugged and not coherent” being videotaped for blackmail “so they wouldn’t tell anyone or so that they’d sort of fall into this underground system of being available.”
  6. The women at these mini-mansions were scared to leave. Saginor believes that while they were technically free to go, the fear of being exposed kept them there. “Basically, any powerful, wealthy man in Los Angeles who was on the guest list to attend the mini-mansion parties was given an opportunity to spend time with particular girls. ‘Spending time with her’ is code for ‘Having sex with her.’ I think many of the girls stayed in the mini-mansion system because they were scared of being blackmailed with videotapes,” she said. How terrible that Hefner was held accountable for what he did and neither were any of the other men involved.
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