I’d Rather Be Single AF Than Date One More Terrible Guy

I’d Rather Be Single AF Than Date One More Terrible Guy ©iStock/Tassii

Did I miss something and all the good guys have been replaced by raging jerks? How am I supposed to be excited about dating and finding love again? I’d rather be single AF than date one more of these jerks. I’ve got better things to do with my time, and I’m not finding love with any of them anyway.

  1. I’m not that desperate for love. I’ve seen what desperation can do and I’m sure as hell not going to let myself be so desperate to find love that I’d actually stay with a jerk. It’s not like he’s going to love me anyway. I’ll just do without, thank you very much.
  2. Jerks just bring out my inner bitch. I get called a bitch at least every other date. It’s not my fault. If you can let your jerk flag fly, you’d better expect I’m raising my bitch flag. I don’t like putting up with stupid crap and there’s a lot less of it when I’m happily single.
  3. If that’s all there is, I’ll stay single. Single AF doesn’t sound so bad. I get hit on, feel flattered and go off with my friends. No jerks, no drama and no Hulk bitch coming out to play. Yeah, single is definitely better.
  4. I’m not shaving for this. I get all dressed up, shave my legs and deal with painful razor burn the next day and for what? You’d think a guy could at least make an effort not to blatantly check out the hot blonde a few tables over. Of course, he doesn’t and I find myself giving up on dating completely and embracing my legs’ peach fuzz.
  5. I’m a grown woman. Being a grown woman means not taking crap from anyone anymore. That includes any jerks that happen to cross my path. Don’t act like a nice guy, ask me out and then expect me to accept the “real you.” I don’t need you. I can take care of myself.
  6. It’s called self-respect. I don’t know how any woman can respect herself when she stays with a guy who treats her like crap. Call me a bitch if you want, but no one is worth that. I still have self-respect and being single AF makes me feel much better about myself than settling for an jerk just so I’m coupled up.
  7. The right guy can find me. Why should I have to date every frog out there just to find the right guy? I’m sick of being the hunter. The right guy can either find me or I’ll stay single, happily ever after. Either way, I’m happy, so I don’t care.
  8. Being single isn’t that bad. I don’t get why so many people freak out because they’re single. Who cares? Do I get pressured by friends and family? Sure. I just remind them about all my bad dates. Let’s see. I could be with a jerk or I could be single and enjoying my life. Guess which one I’d pick?
  9. Friends are there for a reason. A partner is just a good friend you also get to sleep with. Outside of the sex and mushy stuff, there’s nothing I’d do with a partner that I couldn’t do with friends. Frankly, I can take care of my own needs and I’m not exactly the romantic type.
  10. I’m sick of the glances. There’s nothing as embarrassing and degrading as getting those pity glances from other couples as I try to make it through a horrible date. Everyone else wonders why I’m even there, including me. I can’t take any more glances or pity.
  11. I always feel awful afterwards. I’ve never woken up and felt like a loser because I was single. I have felt like the world’s biggest failure after yet another bad date. Why should I keep putting myself through this? No, it’s not worth it.
  12. They make me dread dating anyone, ever. With every jerk, caring meter drops a little more. I’ve never cared less about dating than I do now. I do realize why I few of my friends rarely date any more and why they’re so damn happy all the time.
  13. No more jerks equals a less stressed out me. I have enough stress in my life. I’m not about to let some random jerks make it worse. I want a happy, fun life. They’re just trying to ruin it for me. If I had to choose single AF or more screwed up dates, I’ll just choose single.
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