If You Display These 15 Behaviors, You’re The Emotional Anchor In Your Family

Are you the person in your family who keeps everyone together? Maybe you’re always there to help others patch up broken relationships or you’re the one who goes the extra mile to keep your family as close as possible. Here are 15 signs that you’re the emotional anchor in your family.

1. You’re a great listener.

When someone has a problem, they run to you! You’re known in your family for being an active listener who pays attention and gives people your undivided time. People are attracted to your warm, open energy. You always have time for them if they just want to chat over wine or share a laugh.

2. You’re empathetic.

Part of being a good listener is having empathy. You always try to acknowledge your family members’ feelings, which makes you the one they go to with difficult situations or to get something off their chests.

3. You’re a problem solver.

When there’s a problem, everyone comes to you! You get situations sorted out quickly and efficiently, whether it’s calling a plumber to fix wonky pipes or organizing meds to be delivered to your elderly relative. If there’s something to be sorted out, you’re the one to do it.

4. You’re the peacekeeper.

Every family has tension between its members from time to time. You’ve gained the reputation for being the peacekeeper of your family, perhaps because you have such a strong radar for everyone’s feelings. You keep the peace to maintain healthy relationships so family members don’t become estranged.

5. You schedule regular family get-togethers.

To ensure everyone stays in touch, you’re the family member who schedules regular events and get-togethers. Whether it’s Sunday lunch or days playing activities outside, you’re the one to organize it. They’re non-negotiable and everyone has to attend!

6. You don’t gossip.

What makes you the glue of your family is that you don’t gossip about other family members. People in your family know they can trust you to keep all their secrets. They’ll turn to you to drop their drama and take a load off their heart without having to worry that you’ll go behind their back and tell everyone.

7. You celebrate memories.

You’re the family member who always remembers special events or occasions that were shared, and you love sharing nostalgic pics from the past with your family. You don’t want those memories to fade, and when some family members pass away, you’ll feel the need to do this even more.

8. You started a WhatsApp family chat.

To ensure you all keep in touch on a daily basis, you started a group WhatsApp chat for all your family members. You love sharing messages in between your busy schedule and keeping in touch with family that you don’t get to see all the time.

9. You’re seen as the strong one.

You’ve gained a reputation in your family as the strong one. So, they’ll call you when they need help confronting a problem or person, and they’ll reel you in when they’re feeling vulnerable so you can remind them to toughen up. Anyone need a pep talk? You’re the one they should call!

10. You’re the one who manages crises.

When there’s a crisis or tragedy in your family,  you’re the one to step up and deal with it. While other family members might be too emotional, have no time, or are unable to deal with the stress, you take charge. They know they can rely on you.

11. You focus on family traditions.

You love keeping the family together with traditions. You’ll remember that when you were kids, you’d have waffle days every month or you’d play board games on Christmas Day. You’ll try to keep these traditions alive as much as possible.

12.  You feed everyone.

A young beautiful woman is in the kitchen, she prepares a meal while using a laptop and credit card for online buying

What brings people together more than delicious home-cooked meals? You’re the person who always invites others to your home for tasty roasts and yummy desserts. They know that when they come to your house, they’re going to eat a lot!

13. You deal with confrontation right away.

If you have beef with someone in your family, you’ll confront it right away so that you can mend your relationship. It’s important to you that your family is ruled by harmony and open communication. No secrets and no lies!

14. You make an effort with your family members’ significant others.

When your brother gets a serious girlfriend or your widowed aunt finds love again, you’re always willing to reach out and build connections with them. You do this so the family can stick together and become stronger. But, you put your family first, so if there’s someone toxic on the horizon, you’ll call a family meeting ASAP!

15. You’re a walking pharmacy.

Sometimes it feels like you have a pharmacy in your handbag or briefcase. Whenever someone needs painkillers or bandages, you’re the one who’ll rush in and help them. This is an example of how you’re always looking out for others’ needs and trying to keep everyone happy and healthy.

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Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.