These Teacups Reveal Some Hilarious Insults After The Drinker’s Tea Is Gone

While I don’t think anyone should advocate being rude, a little crassness is okay when it’s with your friends, right? I mean, I wouldn’t hand over these insult teacups to someone I actually disliked, but with my loved ones? You bet I’d go there. My only problem is I can’t decide which design I want and I can’t afford all of them. Whoops!

insult teacups

The drinker is in for a rude awakening. What’s genius about these teacups is that the insults only become visible when the drinker has finished their tea, coffee, or whatever else you put in them. It seems sweet that you’ve gone and made them a drink, but just wait until they’re done…

There are several messages to choose from. Miss Havisham’s Curiosities, the web shop behind these amazing teacups, offers them in various patterns and sayings. You can choose from “I hope you choke,” “Kindly f**k off,” “I could poison you,” “Not that pretty,” and more. I need them all!

The teacup comes with a matching saucer. In the effort to keep things super classy, the insult teacups come with matching saucers to set them on, which is great. They’re delicate, feminine, and then super sassy too, probably just like you. What more could you want?

They’re not cheap but they are totally worth it. Each of the insult teacup and saucer sets will run you $60, which seems like a lot but for such a unique and hilarious item, I think it’s a bargain. These would be great for your home collection or for a gift for a sister, BFF, or even your work wife. I guarantee you no one else will give them anything like it.

If insults aren’t your type, the shop offers plenty of less rude things as well. Have a look around the shop. I guarantee you’ll find something you really like. And if you don’t, well, you know what to do – haha!

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