This Interactive Map Shows You How Close You Live To Serial Killers’ Old Homes

Pretty much everyone is obsessed with true crime documentaries, podcasts, and books, but I don’t think many people would want to live in or near the homes of former serial killers. However, if you are into a bit of the macabre and want to know how close your current place is to where some of the most infamous murderers used to call home, there’s an interactive map that will help you find out.

  1. Disclaimer: this map is only for people in the UK. did research to discover the average distance between the homes of former British serial killers and discovered that it’s about 113 miles. That means that regardless of where you live in England, Scotland, or Wales, you can’t be that far from one.
  2. The map features some of the UK’s most notorious serial killers. From Fred and Rose West to Peter Sutcliffe and Harold Shipman, the map shows where each of the killers lived and gives you an opportunity to click through to see the houses on Google Street View. The map also gives you some facts about the killers, their homes and how much they cost, as well as whether or not the killer in question is still alive.
  3. A lot of the homes that belonged to serial killers have been bulldozed. Many houses aren’t included on the map because the houses no longer exist and have been torn down. However, plenty of the homes are still standing and the Google Street View tour allows you to take a look around the area, all of which look pretty normal from the outside.
  4. So far, people are loving the map. As Pete Mugleston, managing director at the mortgage advice company, said in a statement: “Being able to virtually walk the routes that some of our most dangerous serial killers took on a daily basis, thanks to our interactive map, is another way to remind us that serial killers were just outwardly normal-seeming people living in most unremarkable houses in ordinary areas. That, I suppose, is the most unnerving thing about people like this.”

You can check out the map HERE.

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