Intoxicated Woman Caught Driving Kids’ Toy Truck Down Busy Road

Intoxicated Woman Caught Driving Kids’ Toy Truck Down Busy Road Oconee County Sheriff's Office

A South Carolina woman was arrested after she was discovered drunk driving a child’s Power Wheels truck down a busy road. Megan Holman, 25, was pulled over by Walhalla police officers after confirmed members of the public alerted authorities to a potential suspicious person, Chief Sean BrinsonĀ told WYFF-TV. That turned out to be a drunk Holman driving the kids’ toy down North Church Street.

  1. Holman had made it quite a distance! According to police, Holman was roughly a mile from her home when she was stopped by police. That’s a long way to travel on a Power Wheels! To be honest, it’s pretty impressive that the battery on the toy lasted that long!
  2. She was under the influence of a narcotic. While it’s unclear what substance Holman had taken, needless to say, she wasn’t sober when police caught up with her. When questioned about what she was doing, she told police that she was part of a scavenger hunt and that “she wanted to be a professional wrestler like her father and this was how to do it.” Sure, sounds legit!
  3. She managed to escape a DUI charge. Because she wasn’t driving an actual car but rather a child’s toy, she managed to avoid being arrested for driving under the influence. She was, however, arrested on charges of public intoxication and taken to Oconee County Detention Center.
  4. She was released from prison soon after. After sobering up, Holman was released on a personal recognizance bond. What an adventure!
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