Bride Offended When Friend She Asked To Make Wedding Cake Wants Her To Pay For Ingredients

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who bakes wedding cakes and you’re getting married, that’s awesome. If you’re lucky, they might even offer you “mates rates” — a discount price rather than what they’d charge strangers. However, generally speaking, you shouldn’t expect them to do the job for free. One bride did, and she apparently became “offended” when asked to pay for the ingredients.

The entitlement is strong with this one
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  1. The average wedding cake costs a pretty penny. According to WeddingWire, the average cost of a wedding cake in the US is around $500. That’s no small feat. Some couples spend more than $700 on their cake. Needless to say, it’s not cheap!
  2. The “Wedding Shaming” subreddit shed light on a pretty messed up situation. A screencap posted in the sub showed an anonymous bride posting in a Facebook wedding planning group if she was in the wrong for being pissed off that her friend won’t make her wedding cake without the bride paying for the ingredients.
  3. The bride thinks the cake should be given to her as a gift. “I’ve asked my friend to make the wedding cake for me for 75+ people and she’s come back asking if I’m contributing to the cost of the cake, as it’s going to cost her $300+ to make it,” the bride wrote in the post. “Am I wrong to be offended that she’s not gifting me the cake as a wedding present?”
  4. The cake wasn’t a small one. It’s not as if the bride was having a small wedding for a dozen of her closest friends and family. The cake is for 75 people, for goodness’ sake! That’s going to have to be a pretty huge cake!
  5. The people of Reddit have spoken: The bride is definitely unreasonable here, not to mention entitled. After all, groceries are more expensive than ever and money is tight. The baker of the cake likely couldn’t afford to be $300 or more out of pocket. Not only that, but it’s rude and disrespectful of the baker’s time and skills.
  6. The bride should have used a professional. While it’s likely the baker friend would have given the bride a wedding gift, she shouldn’t be forced to spend hours and hundreds of dollars. “This is why when you have professional skills like baking or seamstress or hair or makeup, you don’t do friends or family,” one commenter wrote. People like OP make you never want to do services. It takes hours to do something like this. So much prep time.”
  7. Others pointed out that $300 is actually a major discount. Nowhere would you be able to find a wedding cake for 75 people for $300, as any commenters said. That would be considered a huge discount, so the bride really would have gotten a bargain. Another wrote, “$300 in materials plus time, storage, delivery and set up. Does that include cutting after the ceremonial part? That’s a lot of work in addition to materials. Its value is probably closer to $1000. My niece’s cake from her wedding two weeks ago was $1300 for 150 people.”
  8. People really need to get a grip. You’re the one getting married, not your friend. It’s not everyone else’s responsibility to bend to your Bridezilla ways.
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