Man Laces Sister’s Wedding Cake With Marijuana To Get Guests High As Kites

A man in Chile decided to spice his sister’s wedding up by lacing the bride and groom’s cake up with marijuana to get the guests high as kites. Alvaro Rodriguez, 29, made the multi-tiered cake for his sister’s big day but added an extra ingredient no one will have been expecting.


– El regreso del brownie mágico 2.0 👽 #fyp #foryou #lentejas #viral

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  1. It was the “return of the magic brownie 2.0.” Alvaro shared his special recipe on his TikTok page, where he revealed that he’d spent 20 hours making and decorating the cake, which really was gorgeous. From the outside, the white-frosted cake, decorated with icing and flowers, looked rather normal. No one had any idea what was lurking inside.
  2. Alvaro did let the guests know before they dug in. Before anyone accuses him of drugging the guests, it’s important to note that Alvaro did mention that one of the cake layers had marijuana in it so that those who wanted to partake could but those who didn’t could abstain.
  3. He was inspired by his sister’s previous experience with “magic brownies.” Alvaro didn’t just come up with the idea to spike his sister’s wedding cake out of nowhere. In fact, his sister had previously tried weed brownies and thought the experience was “very funny.” She asked him to add some marijuana into one of the cake tiers, and since it only took two hours and was “pretty easy,” he went for it. “I just infused it with the butter from the day before and once the brownie set I put it with the other levels with chocolate ganache, and voila,” he revealed.
  4. Alvaro’s aunt was the happiest with the doctored cake. She’d been having some back pain lately and then tried a piece of the cake. “I remember her back hurt and two hours after eating cake her pain disappeared and she was up dancing like a teenager… [Cannabis] has incredible effects on those who might need an alternative, both for physical and mental health,” Alvaro shared. That’s awesome!

It definitely seems like everyone had a great time.

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