Woman Sues Man For $10,000 For Standing Her Up On Date: ‘He Lied!’

A Michigan woman is suing a man for $10,000 for standing her up on a date. A clip of the hearing, during which the woman began fighting with the judge over the questionable suit, has gone viral online, with many people wondering what the hell QaShontae Short was thinking.

Short filed the lawsuit back in 2020. In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Short claimed that Richard Jordan “did not show and left on her mother’s birthday and her mom had just passed away.” She sued him for intentional infliction of emotional stress, claiming that Jordan had hurt her deliberately by failing to turn up when he said he would.

The hearing, held via Zoom, went downhill quickly. Judge Herman Marable Jr. questioned whether what happened between the pair was actually a criminal offense, but Short was having none of it. “Thats’ not something that’s really justiciable in a district court,” Marable said. Jordan agreed, piping in: “To be honest with you, sir, I thought this was just gonna be thrown out.”

They literally went out once. Perhaps even more ridiculous than the lawsuit itself is that it resulted after Short and Jordan went on a single date. “We had a date, one date, and nothing else after that, and now I’m being sued for $10,000,” Jordan said. “I don’t see how this is gonna go any further. I think this is a waste of your time.” However, Short then claimed that Jordan had perjured himself by apparently lying about standing her up.

Perjury was never part of the initial lawsuit. However, Short wanted to add it after Jordan initially claimed he hadn’t failed to turn up. “In that letter, he lied. And then that’s what brought forth the perjury. It was never perjury in the beginning. It was perjury after his response,” Short said. Marable responded: “You can’t add another count because you don’t like or disagree with what is in his answer!”

After a lengthy and heated debate, the Judge Marable didn’t throw the case out. That would seem like the obvious thing to do, but instead, the case was transferred to district court. After another argument, Marable eventually muted the Zoom call and ordered her to pay up on all associated costs of the case.

Short has a lengthy history or filing ridiculous lawsuits. In 2020, she sued the Flint Police Department for $300 million and also the AT&T. Both suits were later dismissed.

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