True Crime Fanatic Killed Someone She Met Online ‘Out Of Curiosity’ To See What Murder Really Felt Like

True Crime Fanatic Killed Someone She Met Online ‘Out Of Curiosity’ To See What Murder Really Felt Like Busan Police | iStock/Miljan Živković

A 23-year-old woman from Busan in South Korea was arrested this week after she allegedly murdered someone she met online. Jung Yoo-jung is a true crime fan who admitted to the killing, saying she did so “out of curiosity” to see what murder felt like in real life, according to The Chosun Ilbo.

The suspect first claimed that she killed the victim during an argument. However, when presented with evidence that proved she was full of crap, Jung retracted that statement and admitted she was lying. According to prosecutors, Jung decided to kill someone after she “became obsessed with murder from TV programs and books.”

Upon investigation of her digital devices, authorities discovered that she’d been researching how to hide a dead body for more than three months. She also continually took true crime books out of the library and regularly watched TV shows about murder.

Jung had been looking for someone to murder online and eventually found someone on an app for parents and private educational tutors. She contacted the victim pretending to be the mom of a ninth-grader who needed a tutor for her child. She then made plans for the “student” to visit their home.

It’s claimed that Jung Yoo-jung bought a school uniform online and wore it to the victim’s home. Once welcomed into the home, she stabbed the victim repeatedly, the newspaper report reveals.

After the killing, Jung dismembered the corpse and placed some parts in a suitcase, which she jumped in a wooded area by a river. Other parts she kept in her own home. She also kept the victim’s phone, wallet, and ID, believing it helped her “commit a perfect crime.”

Sadly, it didn’t work out too well for her as the taxi driver who drove her to the wooded area with the suitcase told the police. That led to the unraveling of her master plan.

“Jung was a loner and a recluse who has been unemployed since graduating from high school five years ago,” police said, adding that Jung claims to be remorseful for her actions.

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