New Netflix True Crime Docuseries ‘The Pharmacist’ Is Totally Twisted Netflix

New Netflix True Crime Docuseries ‘The Pharmacist’ Is Totally Twisted

If you live for true crime documentaries, you’ll know that Netflix is leading the pack when it comes to telling fascinating and often really messed up stories. That’s certainly true with their new series The Pharmacist, which focuses on a father seeking answers after his son is killed during a drug deal gone wrong. The premise sounds simple but it’s more complicated than anyone could ever have imagined.

Dan Schneider, a pharmacist from Louisiana, is a father on a mission. As seen in the Netflix series, Dan feels that the police aren’t interested in who killed his son and that their viewpoint is that since his son Danny was engaging in illegal activities when he lost his life, it was basically his own fault. That’s not good enough for Dan, who digs deeper in The Pharmacist and discovers more than he bargained for.

There’s something going on with local teens. It’s not long before Dan discovers that way too many teenagers in his hometown and the local area were being prescribed the highly addictive opioid OxyContin by another pharmacist. Since the teens heard the effects of OxyContin were basically “heroin in a pill,” it was clear to Dan that the female pharmacist prescribing the drug in such high numbers was abusing her powers.

Dan wasn’t going to sit by and let more people die. “There was a certain doctor who was using her license to decimate my community. I couldn’t look the other way,” Dan says in The Pharmacist. As he digs deeper and seeks justice and a way to save local teens, he soon claims he’s being followed and that the FBI is corrupt. It escalates quickly and will totally blow your mind. Thanks for making me lose sleep, Netflix.

The show is available to stream now. There are only four episodes to The Pharmacist on Netflix, meaning you can totally watch the entire thing start to finish this weekend. If you love true crime and fascinating (if sometimes heartbreaking) stories, you’ll definitely want to put this one on your watch list.

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