16-Year-Old’s YouTube Horror Series Being Made Into Movie By A24

Age really is nothing but a number. You don’t need to be an adult with tons of experience to be talented and accomplish amazing things. Kane Parsons may only be 16 years old, but he has such an incredible storytelling ability that his popular YouTube horror series is now being turned into a movie by A24.

The teen visual effects artist released a 9-minute film called “The Backrooms (Found Footage)” in January 2022. In just over a year, it’s garnered more than 44 million views. Because it did so well, he then came up with a horror series that’s been watched more than 100 million views. It’s clear he’s meant for bigger things, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

PopHorror reviewed Kane Parsons’ series at the time, writing: “I have to say that this short film is terrifying and made me love the work that this director has done at his age … It feels like it was done professionally and backed by a studio looking to pitch this into a bigger movie or an anthology series.”

The series was so well-made that A24, the studio that made “Everything, Everywhere All At Once” and “The Witch,” among others, is adapting it into a movie. Parsons is even going to be a scriptwriter for the project, which isn’t too shabby for the now-17-year-old. He’s also going to direct.

Because the movie is still in the very early stages, there are no details on plot. However, Kane Parsons set “The Backrooms” in the 1990s and presented the short film under the guise of found footage. It’s unclear whether the movie will follow that line, but with help from Westworld’s Roberto Patino on the script, it’s bound to be interesting.

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