Woman Who Married The Eiffel Tower Says She’s Now Sexually Attracted To A Fence

Woman Who Married The Eiffel Tower Says She’s Now Sexually Attracted To A Fence TLC

A woman who previously married the Eiffel Tower has now set her sights on a new lover: a fence. Erika LaBrie first found fame after appearing in a documentary about her attraction to inanimate objects. However, the monument clearly couldn’t meet all of her needs, and that’s where the red fence comes in.

  1. Erika identifies as an objectum sexual. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: she gets off on (and with!) inanimate objects and even forms relationships with them. While it’s not extremely common, it does affect more people than you might think.
  2. Erika’s feelings for the fence were unexpected. In a clip from the documentary, she straddles the fence while saying: “I did not expect to find a fence like this here at all. He’s perfect. I mean, this is the shape that I like so much. These angles? Fabulous.”
  3. Her sexual arousal around fences is off the charts. She went on to say in the clip that fences are “dangerous objects for me because they are so perfect in their geometry.” She added: “I mean, I have to say there is a lot of physical stuff going on right now. I’m definitely physically attracted to this fence and I would like to get to know this fence better.”
  4. Here’s hoping Erika finds happiness with her fence. Of course, she’ll need to be careful with all those sharp edges. Ouch!

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