This Inflatable Millennium Falcon Is A ‘Star Wars’ Lover’s Dream Disney/Lucasfilm

This Inflatable Millennium Falcon Is A ‘Star Wars’ Lover’s Dream

Any Star Wars fan will be familiar with the Millennium Falcon. The starship is known as one of the fastest in the franchise, often helmed by Han Solo and Chewbacca, and it’s totally awesome. If you’ve ever wanted to experience one in real life, you can get pretty close by hiring this inflatable Millennium Falcon from Magic Jump.

This thing is HUGE. We’re not talking a small bouncy castle—you’ll need to find a massive field to get this thing blown up, as Magic Jump’s inflatable Millennium Falcon is  35 feet x 30 feet x 15 feet. That means all that space is free to play in, and that’s amazing. Oh, and it’s heavy too — it weighs a whopping 1,136 pounds!

It’s a legit Millennium Falcon experience. As the description on the Magic Jump website explains, this officially licensed Star Wars experience has an exterior that “features a comprehensive application of the actual graphics of the Millennium Falcon’s armored hull, while the interior contains iconic features seen in Star Wars movies.” You can explore the cockpit area and play around with the gears, switches, and buttons as well as sliding down a small slide. The main cabin also has “inflatable pop-up obstacles such as a bunk, storage container, and holo-map where they can see a holographic-like rendering of the Death Star,” and that’s not everything!

You even come face to face with the characters you love. Inside the Millennium Falcon, you’ll get to meet up with an inflatable Chewbacca and replicas of R2D2 and C-3PO. Pretty cool, right?

It’ll cost you a pretty penny, unfortunately. As you can imagine, an experience in a gigantic inflatable Millennium Falcon doesn’t come cheap, and getting this thing home with you will cost a whopping $9,495. On the plus side, if you pool all your money together with a bunch of friends, you’ll basically be guaranteed to have the most awesome parties ever for the rest of your life. You can find more info on the Magic Jump website.

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