Is He Over His Player Ways? How To Tell If He’s Ready To Commit

Ah, the players of the world. Often we’re drawn to their cocky bad boy nature… and then ultimately end up getting burned when they cheat on us or dump us because they “just want to have fun.” But contrary to popular belief, people do change, and it’s possible that this player has changed his ways. Here are some signs that he’s hanging up his jersey and is ready to commit.

  1. He’ll actually take pictures with you. Players love to keep their social media free of personal details (like who they’re dating), so they keep things as open as possible. There’s more room for other women that way. But if he suddenly turns the corner and is down with couple selfies on Instagram, you can probably assume he’s ready to test out more serious waters.
  2. He stops talking about other girls. The player will always try to keep you on your toes by letting you know exactly how many other women are into them. It’s like currency, and he wants to be the richest. But when the game starts to get old, he’ll start to realize that the real currency is the strength of the relationship with one girl, and he’ll start to talk about other girls less because they mean less.
  3. He stops checking his phone all the time.  The player and the cell phone are in a mutually exclusive relationship. He’s always checking it because who knows who is going to text next? When he’s less concerned with where his side chicks are, he’ll start looking less. Okay, not that he’ll ever stop checking his phone – he’s still a human.
  4. He acts the same around you and his friends.  When a guy’s a player, he’s usually hiding stuff, and often it’s the girls he’s seeing. If he stops acting too cool for school with you in front of his friends and just acts like, well, your boyfriend, he might be dropping the player façade. Sometimes dating a player means you don’t even get to hang out with him and his friends, so when you do, you know he’s into you.
  5. He’ll hang out whenever you want. A player often has limited time to spend on you because he’s busy trying to make it with some other girls at the same time, whether that’s only hanging out at night or sweeping you out the door in the morning. When he’s not interested in making time for other girls, he’ll be way more open with his time and not be so in a rush to wrap up each visit.
  6. He lets you see his softer side. Players are cocky by nature and they don’t like to be vulnerable, hence the surface level relationships. But when they find a girl that they really like, they start to let down some of those walls and open up. If your arrogant man has started to turn softy, you know he’s potentially thinking about putting down some roots.
  7. He really cares about your life. The player is so absorbed in his own dramas that it’s hard for him to keep track of anyone else’s well-being. But when he starts going out of his way to follow up on the large and small things happening in your life, that means he’s thinking about you a lot… and about other people not so much.
  8. He introduces you to his family. There are always going to be exceptions, but in general, the player tries to keep his real personal life separate from his player life. It’s less messy that way! So if he makes the leap to introducing you to people who he cares about (and who care a lot about him), he’s taking the risk and hoping you’ll be around for a while.
Kate Ferguson is a Los Angeles local and freelance writer for a variety of blog and magazine genres. When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce. Look for article links, updates, (and the occasional joke) on Twitter @KateFerg or @WriterKateFerg, or check out her personal blog