Is He Thinking About You? 13 Signs The Answer Is Yes

While it would be great (if not a little scary) to be able to read a guy’s mind, unfortunately, that’s just not possible. You’re crazy about him and can’t get him off your mind, but is he thinking about you? If these things are happening in your relationship, you can pretty much bet the answer is yes.

  1. His friends know about you. When you bump into one of his friends, they ask you about your work promotion or recent holiday. You know you never told them about it, so it’s clear that your guy’s been talking up a storm about you to his closest loved ones.
  2. He sends you random messages. While he does talk to you about actual things that matter, sometimes he just sends you funny dog memes or images of cute things he saw during his day that he knows you’ll love. He even sends you pictures of things he’s doing, like a picture of the book he’s reading or coffee he’s drinking. It’s like he wants you to share in what he sees and does.
  3. His memory is top notch. Once, you mentioned to him that you can’t eat berries or that you’d love to go to that new Thai restaurant that’s opened up across town, and he actually remembers. It’s clear he’s paying attention to you and holding onto what you say.
  4. He calls you first. When something happens to him and he wants to share it, you’re on his speed-dial. It’s like you’re the first name that comes to his mind and he can’t imagine sharing the news with anyone else in the world. There’s no need to chase him or wonder if you’re bothering him because he initiates contact just as much as you do.
  5. He “likes” your posts. Now, he might not always be on social media, but if it feels like he’s usually the first person to “like” or comment on your posts, then that’s a sign he’s thinking about you so much that he has to check in with you on social media on the regular.
  6. He texts you first thing in the day. When you’re ready to start your day, you’ll receive a “good morning” message from your guy. Clearly you’re the first person who’s on his mind when he wakes up and starts his day. Swoon.
  7. He always keeps his word. If he told you he’d call you the next day, that’s what he does. No lies, no excuses. This is a good sign that he’s not only thinking about you but he’s thinking about a real future with you.
  8. He sends you gifts you’ll love. This isn’t the guy who’ll send you a cliched bunch of red roses (although those can be great) or a box of chocolates (ditto on that one). He makes sure that his gifts are always thoughtful and mean something to you. He knows what you like and will go out of his way to make you happy.
  9. He texts you on a night out with the guys. Now, everyone knows that having a bit of space in a relationship is important, but sometimes this guy will text you even when he’s busy or having fun with other people. This is sure to make you feel secure in the relationship because he’s making you his number-one priority.
  10. He finds excuses to see you. He was just in the neighborhood and wanted to see if you were keen on going for a walk? Sure. He will find any excuse to see or call you, and it’s really sweet.
  11. He remembers cute milestones. Does he remember where you had your first kiss or when he first saw you? These are romantic but also show you that he’s serious about your relationship.
  12. He asks you the best questions. This guy will pick up the phone to follow up on a conversation you were having the other day, just so that he can find out more about your thoughts and opinions. He also asks you deep questions that show you he’s been thinking about them.
  13. He’s always first to text. You might try to text him first but he usually beats you to it. Yup, the man’s got you on his mind in a big way! He might be trying hard to play it cool, but if he’s always rushing to text you first, that says it all.


Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.