People Are Carving Jack O’Lanterns In Pineapples Instead Of Pumpkins This Year

With Halloween coming up, you’re probably getting jazzed to start carving some jack o’lanterns the minute pumpkins start hitting the grocery stores/farmers’ markets/etc, right? Well, why wait until then? This year, people are starting to use pineapples instead, and they’re available all year ’round!


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  1. This isn’t actually a new thing. People realized they could make pineapples into jack o’lanterns a few years ago, and they’re especially popular with people who live in relatively warm climates most of the year, like in Hawaii, California, and the southern United States. They’re totally eye-catching and actually look really cool!
  2. Could anything be easier than a pineapple jack o’lantern? Again, in most places, you can usually get a whole pineapple pretty easily at your local grocery store or fruit stand. That means if you wanted to start with the carving a little bit early (like, you know, NOW?), you totally can.
  3. Carving them works the same as it would with pumpkins. You literally just need a carving kit and a pineapple and you’re good to go. You can decide which kinda face you want to put on it, a friendly one or a menacing one, and you’re off. If you’re a super talented artist, you can even freehand it, if that’s your thing!
  4. They bring a tropical vibe to Halloween. While Halloween is usually meant to be creepy and scary, there’s nothing to say that you can’t make things a little more playful and fun by incorporating some tropical imagery in. You might even want to throw a lei or a flower crown on your pineapple jack o’lantern to really change it up a bit. Or, you know, you can just keep it traditional and menacing if that’s more your style. The great thing is you can play around and make one to suit your personal tastes!


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