This Japanese Company Will Make You A Wearable Replica Mask Of Your Pet’s Head

We all love our pets dearly. They’re not just animals, they’re beloved members of our family that we adore and cherish. While honoring our pups and kitties with everything from their faces on clothing to stuffed animals, a Japanese company has taken it to the next level (of course) by offering replica masks of your pet’s face.

  1. They’re wearable and they’re terrifying. These masks, made by creative planning office Shindo Rinka and modeling workshop 91, are both incredibly impressive in their realism as well as sorta terrifying because they’re so true to the original. Not only that, but you can actually wear them, though I’m not sure what occasion would be appropriate for a giant cat or dog head.
  2. The process is pretty simple. You fill out your information on the Shindo website (tick the “My Family” box) and submit a photo of your pet in which you can see its face and features clearly and up close and the craftsmen behind the masks get to work making the replica for you. The results, as seen in the photos, are mind-blowingly good.
  3. It’s not cheap. Getting a giant replica of your pet’s head that’s incredibly detailed and realistic as well as hand-crafted doesn’t come cheap. In fact, they cost about 300,000 JPY ($2,712.60 USD) plus shipping, which is both really expensive but also seems like a total bargain given how good it is and how unique. After all, where else are you going to get anything remotely like this?
  4. This is such a fun product. While it’s admittedly more than a little creepy, it’s also pretty fun and SO Japanese to make a giant wearable replica of a beloved pet’s head. It’s exactly the kind of amazing weirdness we love the country for and that makes it so creative and interesting. Will you be buying one? (If you’re rich enough to justify the purchase, can you get me one too?)
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