Petition To Change Florida’s Lee County To Bruce Lee County Launched To Honor Martial Arts Legend National General Pictures/Public Domain

Petition To Change Florida’s Lee County To Bruce Lee County Launched To Honor Martial Arts Legend

A petition was launched in September to rename Florida’s Lee County to Bruce Lee County. Presently, the county is named in honor of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, hence the desire of many residents to change its legacy to something much more positive. More than 1,000 people have signed so far.

Part of ending racism is getting rid of racist symbols. As the organization that organized the petition, Artsemble Underground, stated: “It’s time to stop idolizing these Confederate soldiers. Ending racism includes the removal of racist figures, statues, and idols across the south. We propose this petition to rebrand Lee County, Florida, in an effort to continue the battle to eradicate racism in the United States.” That sounds like a pretty solid idea!

Bruce Lee is an amazing cultural figure. Not only did he bridge the gap between the East and West, but he was also one of the most legendary and influential martial artists of all time. Even today, he’s a pop culture figure that people of all ages and backgrounds know and appreciate. “We are not trying to change our past, we are trying to improve our future, and what better way than [to] use an inspiring, positive influential figure as our namesake,” the petition argues.

Robert E. Lee literally has nothing to do with Lee County. Artsemble Underground’s owner, Brian Weaver, also pointed out the fact that according to historical documents, Robert E. Lee “never even set foot in our county. He has nothing to do with this place.” Instead, Retired Confederate Captain Francis Hendry pushed for the change in 1887 despite protests.

It remains to be seen whether the petition will garner any real change. However, it’s a great initiative and one that I think many people can get behind. It would certainly be a welcome shift in Lee County, so let’s see if lawmakers decide to do anything about it!

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