Man Invents Jelly Drops “Candy” That Tackles Dehydration In Dementia Patients

A British man has created Jelly Drops, colorful, edible water drops that look like sweets but actually serve to combat dehydration find dementia patients. Lewis Hornby was inspired to make the innovation after grandmother Pat, who suffers from dementia, was hospitalized for dehydration and had to be given IV fluids in order to recover. Not long after Jelly Drops came into existence, not only helping his beloved grandmother but potentially millions of other sufferers around the world.


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We know a lot of the people following our journey are especially affected by the development of COVID-19. Our thoughts are with you, and we know it’s not much but we’d like to share some positive news in these uncertain times. So far, the production of Jelly Drops has been able to continue. The team is constantly monitoring the situation and we are taking all possible precautions to protect staff, while working hard to get Jelly Drops to the people who need them. We have started to offer Jelly Drops to the people at the top of our mailing list (join via In the coming weeks we will launch our new website – and will post about how we intend to meet the demand. Please take care, Lewis & The Jelly Drops Team

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  1. Jelly Drops contain 95% water and other electrolytes to promote hydration. However, their bright colors make them attractive and utterly edible even to (and perhaps especially to) those with dementia, ensuring they get adequate water intake. It’s a genius invention for sure.
  2. They’re easy to chew and come in different flavors. According to the website, Jelly Drops are vegan, sugar-free but without laxative effects, and contain no artificial colors or flavors. That makes them even better!
  3. Jelly Drops are so ingenious, the Alzheimer’s Society is even behind the product! The dementia charity is working with Hornby and his team as part of their Accelerator program, which gives businesses £100,000 ($128,000) in funding to continue to develop the product and get it out there on the market more quickly.
  4. Dehydration is such a common issue for those with dementia. While it’s a risk for all older people, dementia patients tend to be even more at risk for dehydration because they often forget to drink or simply don’t want to. Jelly Drops aims to make getting that vital water into the sufferer’s bodies more regularly and frankly, it’s a brilliant idea.
  5. Sadly, you can’t buy them just yet. Jelly Drops aren’t available to the general public just yet but should hopefully be soon. The product is still in development to ensure that it’s as good as it possibly can be and can help as many people as possible. It’s a project that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. You can follow the progress on the Jelly Drops website or on their Facebook page.
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