Jim Beam’s Bourbon Coffee Will Certainly Make Your Mornings Brighter

Jim Beam’s Bourbon Coffee Will Certainly Make Your Mornings Brighter Instagram/dadbodsnacks

I don’t know about you, but quarantine is getting old for me. I know it’s necessary and I’m happy to do it to protect myself and other vulnerable people, but it’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed at a decent hour in the morning. Well, it was. Then I discovered that Jim Beam coffee exists and frankly, I’ve never been more excited for my daily brew. (What can I say? Small thrills!)

  1. It comes in five different varieties. Jim Beam may be best known for its bourbon whiskey, but branching out into coffee seems like a genius move to me. There are five different flavors available: Bourbon Vanilla, Cinnamon Stick, Original, Signature Dark Roast, and Spiced Honey. They all sound so delicious, I don’t know which to try first!
  2. It comes ground or in K-cups. If you have a regular coffee machine, all five flavors of Jim Beam coffee come pre-ground and ready to go. However, you don’t have to miss out if you have a Keurig, because it comes in K-cup format too. There are also single-serve packets available so you can drink it on the go. Can’t ask for much more than that!
  3. Sadly, there’s no actual bourbon in this. Bourbon is actually a type of Arabica bean, so there’s no actual whiskey in Jim Beam’s coffee. However, given that this is part of their brand, I’d imagine that you will get a hint of their classic flavor somewhere in the blend. The Vanilla Bourbon flavor actually has bourbon in its name, so this one may be your best bet if you’re looking for that boozy hit.
  4. The price is pretty reasonable too. If you want the 12-oz. bags of pre-ground Jim Beam coffee, Walmart is selling them for $8.98 to $11.99 depending on the flavor (or $19 for two bags). The single-serve packets, which come in a box of 10, will run you $9.99, while a box of 35 K-cups costs $24. Not too bad, especially when you can’t get out for your usual Dunkin’ or Starbucks.
  5. You can order some to come directly to your door. No need to head out to the store to pick this up. You can order right from the website and have your coffee delivered to your door in the next few days. What are you waiting for?
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