Scientists Create Drink That Can Cut Blood Alcohol Levels By 50% In Just 30 Minutes

Scientists Create Drink That Can Cut Blood Alcohol Levels By 50% In Just 30 Minutes iStock

If you’ve experienced your fair share of hangovers, you know all too well just how miserable it can be to overindulge. This gets worse the older you gets, and while sure, you could just stop drinking altogether, where’s the fun in that (says the person who hasn’t had alcohol in at least five years)? As it turns out, scientists are working on this problem, and they believe they may have found a way to cut your blood alcohol in half in just 30 minutes — and the remedy comes in drink form.

First of all, binge drinking is a serious problem.

It should go without saying that pounding back shots, cocktails, or even cans of beer one after the other is not a good look. While it’s nice to enjoy a drink in social settings, if you’re going that hard, you may have issues with alcoholism that need to be dealt with by a professional.

However, sometimes even the most moderate of drinkers go a little overboard and have a little too much, too quickly. In those cases, there may be help for that.

Safety Shot is the first-ever drink of its kind.

According to Forbes, it was “created by a doctor using scientifically-proven ingredients.” Dubious claims at best, of course, but may believe it’s worth a try. This is especially true since, in addition to slicing your BAC in half quickly, it also claims to improve your central nervous system, motor cortex function, and cognition in that same time frame.

Safety Shot says it works by “enhancing metabolic pathways that break down blood alcohol levels” and simultaneously protecting your stomach from absorbing any more of it.

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The company hopes hospitals around the country will use Safety Shot.

The CDC says that binge drinking costs about $191 billion every year, and considering that alcohol-related ER visits are around a million a year, this could very well be a good thing.

Safety Shot will begin to ship in December 2023, with cans available on the company’s website as well as on Amazon.

“Safety Shot represents the epitome of beverage innovation, meticulously crafted from a harmonious blend of nature’s finest elements,” CEO Brian John says. “This elixir, infused with a potent concentration of essential vitamins and the purity of crystalline water, offers an unparalleled experience for the modern consumer.”

He adds: “Alcohol-free, our formula is a testament to the art of combining health, wellness, and pleasure in a single sip. It’s not merely a drink; it’s a statement of nature’s bounty and scientific prowess, designed for those who seek the best in health and taste.”

Would you try it?

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