Billie Eilish Shows Off Tattoo She Swore Fans Would Never Get To See

Billie Eilish Shows Off Tattoo She Swore Fans Would Never Get To See Instagram/@annabelzimmer | Instagram/@billieeilish

Billie Eilish has several tattoos on her body, and while she’s shown off several of them on social media and in photoshoots in the past, there was one bit of ink in particular she always swore no one would get to see. However, fans got a peek at the ink after a photo of the singer sunbathing appeared on a friend’s Instagram account.

In 2017, the now-21-year-old told Vanity Fair that she was interested in getting tattoos but didn’t want them to be in places that were too visible. “The only tattoos I wanna get are the ones that barely anyone can see,” she said at the time. By 2021, she had at least three tattoos on her body, though one of them was in a pretty visible place — the side of her hand.

In addition to the fairy drawings on her hand, she also has a “big boy” dragon tattoo on her waist. However, up until now, her third tattoo has never been publicly seen. Incidentally, that piece seems to have been the first one she ever got, as she said back in 2018, “I did get a tattoo, but you won’t ever see it.” She did, however, share that it was in the center of her ribcage and says “Eilish.”

billie eilish tattooInstagram/annabelzimmer

This week, thanks to a snap of Billie Eilish enjoying a bit of sun in a bikini top, her most secret of tattoos was finally revealed by her friend Annabel Zimmer. Admittedly, the details of the tattoo aren’t very easy to see, given the angle of the photo, the sun, and the string of her bikini top. However, that didn’t stop fans from doing some zoom work to try and get a better look.

According to Rolling Stone, the tattoo is an “ornate, gothic font,” and that does appear to be the case from the looks of the art.

Hey, tattoos are sexy. Can’t blame Billie for wanting to get as many as possible!

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