Why Are Tattoos So Sexy? 12 Reasons Body Art Is So Attractive

A 2017 study published in the Personality and Individual Differences journal found women think men with tattoos are healthier than men without them, while men said they believe that other guys with tattoos are way more attractive. Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder and some people just love tattoos. So, why are tattoos so sexy to so many people?

They just look great. Everyone has a type. I won’t hesitate to admit mine is people with tattoos. People are perfectly attractive without body modifications of any kind, but for people like me, they just add something extra. When it comes to tattoos being sexy, the piece itself, the placement and the quality are massive contributing factors. Something sloppy and misspelled is going to be a turn-off.

They show a willingness to take risks. Anyone with tattoos knows no matter how sure you are about them; someone will always remind you that you might change your mind one day, that they’ll age poorly, it could harm your job prospects, etc. So, getting tattoos despite the naysayers or worrying too much about how they’ll look in 50 years shows they’re a bit of a risk-taker.

They show commitment. Assuming their tattoos weren’t spontaneous decisions or something they got drunk, they show they’re decisive and know how to commit to things. If they can commit to having a tattoo on their body forever, then hopefully, they don’t have commitment issues in relationships. At the very least, hopefully, they can make their mind up about where you stand.

They show dominance. The same study mentioned earlier revealed women thought men with tattoos were more dominant and masculine than those without them. According to research, those with tattoos had higher reactive anger, verbal aggression, and rebelliousness. The key takeaway is that people with tattoos did not differ from people without tattoos when it comes to proactive physical aggression, rebelliousness, or being hostile. Dominance has a time and place, but keep your eyes open for any red flags if you like a bad boy.

But they can also show a sensitive side. Lots of people get tattoos purely because the art looks cool. But, many people also get ink with a deeper meaning such as a tribute to a late loved one. So ink can show a sensitive, sentimental side. That said, you should steer clear of matching couple tattoos – you don’t want to be stuck with a constant reminder of your ex after a breakup. Plus, someone with their ex’s name still tattooed on them is a pretty big turn-off.

They indicate that the person values art. Whether you like them or not, tattoos are art. The fact that someone will think carefully about putting a piece of art on their body, spend time choosing the right artist, and spend their hard-earned money on a new piece is an attractive trait. Again, this is where the quality and nature of the tattoos really matter.

They’re an individual. Body modifications are a means of self-expression; it’s a way of making your body your own. If someone has tattoos, it means no one looks just like them. This is especially true when the body art the person has chosen is something unique and personal to them. It tells a story, and every story is different.

They’re creative. Most people don’t just walk into a tattoo parlor and get a completely random tattoo for the sake of getting one; they put a lot of thought into what they want to get. Drawing up a tattoo design yourself or searching through images online to find things you like shows thought and ingenuity. It’s not all about looks; creativity is a highly desirable trait.

They’re brave enough to go against the grain. Tattoos are less stigmatized than they used to be, but there are still a lot of people very strongly against them. In particular, most men do not look favorably on women with tattoos, but most tattooed women are unbothered and continue to get them anyway (just as they should!). It’s their body, after all. Getting a tattoo shows you don’t care about what others think and won’t let negative opinions stop you from being your authentic self. The confidence is pretty damn sexy.

They indicate resilience. Tattoos hurt. A study found that women considered men with a strong pain tolerance more attractive because it is associated with masculinity. If someone has a tattoo in a particularly painful area, like their ribs or just a full blackout tattoo, they have my respect.

They can take care of themselves. Tattoo aftercare is very important, immediately afterward and long-term. Lack of aftercare can cause infections or just leave the tattoo looking terrible once it heals. If someone takes good care of their tattoos, it shows they’re a responsible adult who can take care of themselves. Let’s face it; we want partners, not adult children.

They’re open-minded (within reason). Given that tattoos and piercings are still stigmatized getting body modifications should hopefully indicate someone is open-minded and doesn’t make assumptions about others based on appearance. After all, there are probably people making all kinds of assumptions about them because of their tattoos. If you’re on the alternative side yourself, you probably want someone with the same worldview and shared interests. Of course, if they have any controversial tattoos, steer clear.

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