Jose Cuervo Is Selling Cherry Limeade Margarita That’s Ready To Drink Straight From The Bottle

Jose Cuervo Is Selling Cherry Limeade Margarita That’s Ready To Drink Straight From The Bottle Jose Cuervo

When I decide to order a margarita at the bar or while on vacation, I’m not totally picky about what brand of tequila is used but I do prefer Jose Cuervo for some reason. Maybe it’s just because I know it’s guaranteed to be delicious, just like I know the brand’s new ready-to-drink Cherry Limeade Margarita will be (so I’m heading to the liquor store ASAP).

jose cuervo margaritaJose Cuervo

  1. You can just sit back, pour, and enjoy. You don’t have to be a star bartender or pull up a recipe from Google to determine how much of each ingredient you need here. Since Jose Cuervo knows we all need our drinking experience to be a little less stressful, this margarita is all ready to go as-is.
  2. It sounds absolutely delicious. According to Delish, the Cherry Limeaide Margarita contains “notes of cherry vanilla and some sweet lime citrus, and the drink itself is the color pink.” Each of those flavors complements tequila perfectly and I’m cheesy enough to enjoy the novelty of pink drinks, so this is an all-around winner for me.
  3. It comes in massive bottles, which is always good. Thank the Jose Cuervo gods for selling this stuff in 1.5L bottles! That makes it perfect for parties since it’ll serve lots of people or it just means it’ll last longer in your own fridge if you’re keeping it for yourself. (Don’t worry, I don’t judge.)
  4. It’s a total bargain as far as alcohol is concerned. Jose Cuervo is selling their Cherry Limeade Margarita at select grocers and liquor stores for $17.99 a bottle, and considering the 1.5L size, that’s a pretty good price, especially considering it’s a ready-made drink and you won’t need to purchase any mixers/other ingredients separately. The Super Bowl is coming up, as is Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t care about either of those, it’s the weekend soon too. I can’t think of a better way to unwind than with a glass or two of this stuff.
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