José Cuervo Is Unveiling Tequila-Spiked Hard Seltzer Just In Time For Summer

José Cuervo Is Unveiling Tequila-Spiked Hard Seltzer Just In Time For Summer JOSÉ CUERVO

I feel like all I do is talk about how summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait for all the cool stuff I’m going to do, and by “cool stuff” I mean sitting outside in the sun without feeling freezing cold and enjoying some nice chilled alcoholic beverages. I have my favs, but I feel like that list is about to get a little bit longer because José Cuervo is releasing tequila-infused hard seltzer just in time for my favorite season and it looks so good.


  1. José Cuervo is no stranger to delicious drinks. Lest we forget the Cherry Limeade Margarita they came out with last year that was way too good for words. While it may seem like they’re getting into the hard seltzer game a bit late since the craze started a few years ago now and the market is pretty saturated, a new product from a brand that everyone knows and loves can never go wrong.
  2. The brand’s version of hard seltzer is known as Playamar. José Cuervo is putting actual tequila in this product, giving it a 4.5% ABV which is on par with other hard seltzers and won’t get you too wasted too quickly. Better yet, the cans, which come in Mango, Grapefruit, Black Cherry, and Lime flavors, are only 90 calories each. Score!
  3. They actually released this last year. As José Cuervo said in a statement: “As one of the first tequila-based seltzers, Playamar launched in select markets in late 2020 with the great-tasting flavors of Lime and Grapefruit—and is now expanding nationally with two new offerings of Mango and Black Cherry. … Playamar offers a refreshing take on tequila with the fresh effervescence of seltzer, making for a truly unique prepared cocktail experience. Created for health-conscious consumers who live an active lifestyle and want to have fun—from the #1 tequila brand that consistently delivers high-quality products.”
  4. José Cuervo’s Playamar hard seltzer is now available nationwide. They come in 4-packs which sell for roughly $11.99. Happy summer drinking!
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