Kahlúa Is Releasing Rum-Infused Ready-To-Drink Nitro Cold Brew Cans

Kahlúa Is Releasing Rum-Infused Ready-To-Drink Nitro Cold Brew Cans Kahlua

Is there any better way to ingest caffeine during warmer weather than with a massive cup of iced cold brew? I don’t think so. However, now that Kahlua is releasing their own rum-infused line of nitro cold brew cans that are ready-to-drink, I might have to rethink that stance and upgrade my beverage game ASAP. It looks and sounds delicious!

  1. Both drinks are delicious enough alone. Imagine them combined! If you’ve never had Kahlua, it’s an incredibly yummy coffee liqueur that happens to be the best-selling of its kind in the world. Combining rum and coffee liqueur with 100% Arabica cold brew coffee is basically a match made in heaven.
  2. The nitro element makes it even smoother. Because this is nitro cold brew, you get that deliciously velvety finish in Kahlua’s cold brew cans, making it almost feel like a pint of Guinness or a smooth glass of chocolate milk. In other words, it makes an amazing drink even better. It’s perfection.
  3. It’s not just yummy, it’s vaguely healthy-ish. If calories are something you track/care about, you might be interested to know that each 200ml can of Kahlua cold brew is only 80 calories, which isn’t bad at all. Also, you can enjoy one of these without worrying about getting too wasted too quickly since it’s only 4.5% ABV. Enough to be enjoyable without knocking you out.
  4. Keep your eyes peeled because they’re hitting store shelves soon. Kahlua will be launching the cold brew cans ASAP, and they should be available at retailers nationwide including Total Wine, Kroger, Albertson’s, and many more. The drinks, which come in packs of four, will run you $9.99, which is pretty reasonable, I’d say! The next time you head to the supermarket or basically anywhere alcohol is sold, keep your eyes peeled so you can grab these as soon as they’re available!
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