Kanye West Lashes Out At Khloe Kardashian: You And Your Family ‘Are Liars’

Kanye West has hit back at Khloe Kardashian, calling her a “liar” and accusing the entire Kardashian family of being liars as well. It all kicked off on Wednesday, October 5 when Khloe left a comment on Ye’s Instagram post in which he again claimed that ex-wife Kim Kardashian had kept him from seeing his kids. As usual, Ye didn’t take it very well and decided to put Khloe and her entire family on blast.

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Ye has always claimed that Kim was trying to keep his children from him. It all kicked off in January 2022, when Ye claimed that Kim didn’t invite him to his daughter Chicago’s birthday party or tell him where it was behind held. In essence, he accused the Kardashians of “kidnapping” Chicago, which was clearly untrue. Kim Kardashian has always denied this, insisting that it was Ye who wanted separate parties and that he knew where Chicago’s celebration was being held the whole time. It seems to be this incident that Ye again referenced out of nowhere on Wednesday when lashing out at critics of his “White Lives Matter” t-shirt that he premiered at Paris Fashion Week. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

Khloe Kardashian has had enough of Kanye West’s lies. Kanye responded to criticism from celebrities including Gigi Hadid and Venus Williams by bringing his kids into it. “I wonder what Gigi and Venus’s perspectives were when I didn’t know where my child was on her birthday,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “… Why did everyone feel so free to attack me about my t-shirt but Candace Owens was the only public figure to say that it was wrong for the Kardashians to keep me from seeing my daughter.” Khloe couldn’t sit idly by and let this go on any longer.

Khloe took to the comments section of Ye’s post to set the record straight. “Ye, I love you. I don’t want to do this on social media but YOU keep bringing it here,” she wrote. “You are the father of my nieces and nephews and I’m trying to be respectful but please STOP tearing Kimberly down and using our family when you want to deflect. Again with the birthday narrative. Enough already. We all know the truth and in my opinion, everyone’s tired of it.” She added: “You know exactly where your children are at all times and YOU wanted separate birthdays. I have seen all the texts to prove it. And when you changed your mind and wanted to attend, you came.”

Kanye West immediately screencapped Khloe Kardashian’s comments and wrote a response. Khloe’s comments clearly enraged Ye, leading him to lash out with some home truths of his own. “You are lying and are liars. Y’all basically kidnapped Chicago on her birthday so she could remember her father not being there,” he wrote in all caps. “So there yall also threw a party before Psalms birthday when I was flying back from Japan to be there for his birthday and the first I heard about it was seeing pics of the party online. Also, I should see my children 100 % of the time but since there’s a separation it should have been 50% of the time y’all wouldn’t have played with Donda like that in Jesus’ name.”

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