Kendall Jenner Responds To Claims She Photoshopped In Bizarre Photo

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are well known for their love of retouching the images they put out into the world within an inch of their lives. This sometimes has rather hilarious results, with pictures being warped and stretched in overly obvious ways. However, Kendall Jenner insists she never Photoshopped a recent picture she put on Instagram in which she appears to have bizarrely long, alien-like fingers.

People online believed the pictures must have been stretched and that Jenner’s fingers paid the price for sloppy editing. However, the supermodel and reality star filmed a video of herself wiggling her fingers in response to prove they’re just “bizarre normally.”

The possibly Photoshopped shot in question features Kendall Jenner in a string bikini. She’s kneeling down, using her fingers to steady her. The issue is, her hand looks as long as a foot!


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“What’s up with that hand tho,” one person wrote. Another added, “You might need to see a doctor about that hand.” Another “fan” was even more direct, writing, “Well at least when the photoshopping is so obvious maybe it [will] make a few teenage girls feel a little less bad about themselves.”

However, Kendall Jenner was having none of it. While hanging out with Hailey Beiber, she got her to take a video of her hands “live” and in action.

“We’re sitting here analyzing…look how bizarre her hand looks normally,” Bieber says. “This is live. Live footage of the hand.”

So, while the Kardashians and Jenners do love Photoshop, that wasn’t the culprit for this photo. Kendall Jenner does really have freakishly long hands. That puts that rumor to rest.

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Featured image credit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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