Kraft Is Selling 1-Pound Shakers Full Of Macaroni & Cheese Powder So Life Is Now Complete

Kraft Is Selling 1-Pound Shakers Full Of Macaroni & Cheese Powder So Life Is Now Complete BJ's/Kraft

I grew up in a single-parent household where both time and money were often in hard supply, which means I ate a whole lot of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese growing up (as well as a lot of off-brand mac & cheese when we couldn’t afford the “luxury” of Kraft). I haven’t had the blue box blues in a long time, but I’m still freaking out about BJ’s selling a 1-pound shaker full of Kraft macaroni & cheese powder to put on everything you ever eat from here until eternity.

  1. It’s actually more than a pound. To be fair, the product for sale at BJ’s is actually a whopping 20.7 ounces, so that’s actually a pound and a quarter, if you think about it. Is that enough Kraft macaroni & cheese powder to last you probably the next 10 years? Yes, probably. Will I still buy multiple shakers? You betcha.
  2. What can’t you put this stuff on? The official product description suggests topping popcorn, vegetables, or even pasta with Kraft macaroni & cheese powder. However, I feel like this would go nicely with a lot of things. Eggs? Sure, why not! In homemade queso dip? Let’s do this thing! How about mixed into mashed potatoes? The list of options really is endless. Your only limitation is your imagination!
  3. You can also mix it with water to create a sauce. You don’t have to use this stuff dry. Kraft says that you can also mix the macaroni & cheese powder with a little bit of water to your preferred thickness and then use that as a pasta sauce (homemade mac & cheese?) or even a saucy topping for your vegetables. I suggest broccoli!
  4. For $6.99, it’s a total bargain. Considering how much product you get in the shakers, Kraft is offering an absolute steal on their macaroni & cheese powder by selling these puppies for only $6.99. It’s unclear if this is a limited time offer or if this will be a permanent item, but I suggest you get to your local BJ’s and pick some up soon! (Sorry, but it’s sold out online.)
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