Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Are Finally Friends Again, 4 Years After Tristan Drama

Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Are Finally Friends Again, 4 Years After Tristan Drama Instagram/Kylie Jenner

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already since the drama between Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson ended her friendship with Kylie Jenner. In case you forgot, at a house party back in 2019, Woods and Thompson apparently kissed, and while Tristan was welcomed back into the Kardashian fold soon after, Woods was ousted, seemingly for good. However, it seems the rift may finally be beginning to heal, as Kylie and Jordyn were spotted grabbing dinner together in Los Angeles this weekend.

The girls grabbed sushi at an upscale restaurant, dressed in their finest designer gear, on Saturday night, the Daily Mail reports. It’s clear they wanted to be seen since Kylie hit up the paps the family has on speed dial to take a few snaps of them leaving the eatery. Frankly, I’m here for it.

Jordyn went on Red Table Talk back in March 2019 to tell her side of the story after Khloe Kardashian singlehanded blamed her for ending Khloe’s relationship with legendary cheater Tristan. According to Woods, the kiss they shared was chaste, with “no passion, no nothing … no tongue kiss, no making out.” She said that she was drunk but “not beyond the point of recollection” and that Tristan is the one who initiated the kiss.

To be fair to Jordyn, I’ve never thought this was her fault. When can we, women especially, stop holding WOMEN responsible for MEN’s actions? Tristan literally cheats more than he changes his pants. It’s his Thing. Look what he did to Khloe AGAIN by getting another woman pregnant after convincing her to have another baby via surrogate? This wasn’t a Jordyn issue, it was a Tristan issue. No wonder Khloe Kardashian has brain trauma from this dude.

Then there’s the fact that what Jordyn did was apparently completely unforgivable and Kylie had to lose her best friend over it while Tristan was welcomed back to the family and Khloe literally took him back a few months later. Tell me how that makes sense??? It doesn’t.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods should absolutely be friends. That’s not to say Jordyn did nothing wrong here, but nobody wants Tristan’s used up, crusty ass. I find it VERY hard to believe Jordyn would fumble the bag for him. Not buying it.

Anyway, glad to see these two back together!

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