Woman Stabbed And Choked Tinder Date In Bed And Threatened To Kill Him When DoorDash Arrived

Woman Stabbed And Choked Tinder Date In Bed And Threatened To Kill Him When DoorDash Arrived Colorado Springs Police Department

A Colorado woman is in prison and facing a slew of criminal charges after she allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill her Tinder date. Lauren Marie Dooley, 22, is accused of binding the victim’s limbs with duct tape before choking and stabbing him, records obtained by Law & Crime reveal. She also reportedly threatened to kill the man if he screamed when their DoorDash order arrived.

  1. Lauren Marie Dooley is facing serious felony charges. After being arrested last week, she was charged with one felony count each of second-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, and menacing. She also faces a single misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment.
  2. Police were called to a property on the evening of September 28. A probable cause affidavit revealed that an unknown call was received by the Colorado Springs Police Department. Officers headed to a house on E. Cache La Poudre Street at about 5:43 p.m.
  3. Somehow, the victim managed to call for help. According to the emergency dispatcher who handled the call, the line remained open with the male caller, and a woman, later identified as suspect Lauren Marie Dooley, could be heard in the background. The victim said he was “bleeding all over the bed,” and the dispatcher heard him saying “because you cut me” and You’re going to kill me” to someone.
  4. Police were able to get the victim out of the situation safely. The affidavit stated: “Upon our arrival, residents at the apartment advised there was a naked male in the parking lot that needed help. Officers located [the victim] who was naked and appeared to be bleeding from a laceration on his left arm. [He] was also actively backing away from the suspect . . . Dooley . . . who appeared to have blood smeared on her arms and hands. [The victim] exclaimed that Lauren tied him up and cut him.” Lauren Marie Dooley refused to talk. Police say she immediately “invoked her Miranda Rights” and remained silent as she was arrested.
  5. The victim later told police the pair had met on Tinder and agreed to meet at her apartment. They chatted for a bit when he arrived before the suspect performed oral sex on him. That’s when things went downhill. It was then that Dooley suggested using duct tape on his wrists and ankles, which he consented to. “However, when Lauren produced a kitchen knife and demanded he get into her bedroom, [the victim] no longer consented to staying at the residence,” the affidavit said. She forced him into bed, at which point Dooley cut his shoulder with the knife and choked him for about 20 seconds. She then did the same again with a belt.
  6. The victim truly believed Dooley was going to kill him. He went on to say that the suspect was upset that he was getting blood on her bed, so she made him get into the bathtub before she ordered food from DoorDash. She threatened to kill him if he screamed when the delivery person brought the food. She ate, then got into bed with the victim and went to sleep. He claimed to have used the knife, which was still in the bed, to cut his restraints and call police.
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